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Summit not recognised

Can anybody tell me why on SOTAwatch the summit OE/SB-438 Rannberg is shown as “SUMMIT NOT RECOGNISED”??


73 Martin, OE5REO

That’s why chasers keep asking for my reference! It’s a 1366m wooded summit near Salzburg/Hintersee. I should bei visible in APRS.

73 Heinz

It’s a valid summit but this is an old SOTAwatch issue.

I had a similar issue with Patrice’s summit this morning F/AM-836 - valid in the database but not found in SOTAWatch - as Andy says - this happens from time to time - the database is the trustworthy source.


strange things happening …

this is a screenshot of my alert today:

this is a screenshot of my spot using APRS:

this is a screenshot of a spot set by G6TUH:

so mike … if you read this, can you please tell me how you managed to teach the SOTAwatch database to show the summit information! :slight_smile:

73 martin, oe5reo

Interesting. There was a period when new associations and summits were not getting propagated into SOTAwatch. That should be fixed so you can spot them. The name being blank is probably related. As I have said, nobody on the MT wants to expend much effort on fixing SOTAwatch when we will be turning it off soon (no date for soon though). On the other hand we’d like it work. The problem for you Martin is that Mike’s spot was direct into SOTAwatch and APRS2SOTA spots (like SMS spots and many other services) run through Spotlite.

It’s not a perfect situation but we are at the point that you can now spot summits that were rejected a few weeks back, but their names do not come up. Functional but imperfect.

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thanks for the explanation andy!

73 martin, oe5reo

Hi Martin, I think you may have had answers of a sort already.

I just posted via my desktop PC. I quite often have RRT running as well but just use it to monitor.

I quite often see ‘Summit not recognised’ and just go to the summit database to see if the message is true. Nine time out ten the message is not :wink:

Best wishes.

I get this a lot.
But tends to be my fault no imputing info properly with big fat fingers :scream:
Double check you have inputted properly, does help
And systems tend to throw one like me, when its not working cause not watching what am doing.


I doubt that computers tell anything except the truth, Mike! If the computer doesn’t recognise the summit, it doesn’t recognise the summit. This could be either the glitch described earlier, finger trouble or a deleted summit, but it remains true.

It could be many things but it isn’t.