Summit near Cardif

I’m off to Cardif for the day on Friday and will have most of the afternoon free.

Can anyone recommend a good summit that I can activate in 1/2 a day?



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Coity Mountain GW/SW-012 is your nearest 2 pointer and is a pleasant easy walk from a car park close to the main road at Blaina (and the Coop if you need a snack) nearish 10 km round trip. Good path most of the way. (More details on route for this if you wish.)

Pen y Fan GW/SW-001 (8pt) from Storey Arms is steeper but only about 7km round trip.

Both have easy access to the main roads for returning home and really are only half day as we did another hill in winter on both occasions.

Have a good day; might chase you for an S2S but not yet sure where from,

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Hi Matthew,

If you’re content with a couple of smaller 1 pointers the two summits closest to Cardiff are an interesting and relatively rarely activated pair that you should do in an afternoon - Garth Hill SW-034 and Craig yr Allt SW-037.

73 de Paul G4MD

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Yes, Garth Hill is really easy, has a great view of Cardiff and the surrounding area, probably not more than a 15-20 min walk to the top. Best direct access to the summit is to go up the tarmac road at the more western (Pentyrch) end of the hill, rather than from the car park lay by at the eastern (Gwaelod Y Garth) end - this gives you a much shorter approach. No fences or anything, trig point is on an ancient mound, could strap antenna to trig if you have big enough straps, slight shelter from any breeze on leeward side of mound, all short grass.

There are two or three spaces at the bottom of this tarmac road and you may get lucky, otherwise go down the road a little and there is a grass area to the right.

Walk up the tarmac road about 100m and as it bears left you carry straight on on a well marked path to the trig point.

If you want to make a circular walk, follow the mountain to the east end, turn right and find the path back down to the car parking area and then walk west back to your car along the road. Nice pub in Gwaelod Y Garth.

You could also do the Ridgeway which can be clearly seen from the eastern end of the Garth, I was the first to activate it some years ago, fair old pull on a zig zag path, lovely views again.


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PS should get plenty of locals from Cardiff/Newport/Bridgend/Swansea on 2m FM and I’ve had some luck on 70cm too towards the West Country and surprisingly good path towards Pembrokeshire, never tried HF up there. VHF/UHF work best if you walk slightly down the hill in the direction you want to work…