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Summit Lookup Problem

Starting at approximately 17:04 GMT I attempted several times to manually Spot KX0R on W0C/SP-107, having seen that RBNHOLE hadn’t picked him up. I kept getting bad Association errors, and after several attempts, tried checking the Summit link and the Database link, and am failing to get to either.

Just a heads up, and gratitude to anyone who can address this.


Paul - N1ZF

I had a similar issue posting an alert, but it appears to be working now (at 1730. Alerts, anyway.)

Peter KD0YOB

I can now get to the “Summits” link and can also get to the database. Apologies if this was a temporary glitch at my end.


Paul - N1ZF

If the problem is still there might I suggest you report it to the MT via the “Contact SOTA” option at the top of the spotting and alerting screens - it takes you to this URL


I think you saw the server being patched and rebooted. It may take a short while to come back up when this happens. I just happened to see your message a few minutes after you posted it. I checked at the time and the DB was running but responding slowly and when I tried the next query it was back to normal.

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Thank you much for responding and for your support of this service. Next time I’ll know to wait before reporting anything, and to go through the Contact SOTA link (thank you, DD5LP).

Paul - N1ZF