Summit Easter Eggs

It would have appeared that Marianne wanted a bit of peace and quiet, for she instructed me to take the lads away for the long Easter weekend. Naturally, thoughts turned to areas of new unique activations, but there had to be something in it for Liam as well. So where could offer us unactivated summits into double figures, as well as arcades and curry houses?

Answer: Barry, South Wales.

I originally booked very cheap accommodation at the Sky Plaza near Cardiff Airport (much closer to Barry than Cardiff), but Jimmy alerted me to the dreadful reviews and photos on Trip Advisor and other such sites. When all my emails to the hotel bounced sayinf “Mailbox full”, I decided to cancel the booking!

Instead, I booked in at the highly regard Aberthaw House Hotel in Barry itself, and this proved to be a lovely place, family run, with clean comfortable rooms and excellent breakfasts. They didn’t have any twin rooms left, but they offered me three singles for the same price as a twin and a single. When we arrived, they actually gave us two “singles” - where the beds appeared to be more like small doubles, and a double. So a comfortable and spacious en suite room each for the three of us - luxurious!

The tour kicked off on the afternoon of Thursday 17th April 2014, with Liam and I driving up from Macclesfield to pick up Jimmy M0HGY from his office in Wilmslow. We then picked our way through the country lanes to Holmes Chapel as we endeavoured to avoid the start of the Bank Holiday rush hour traffic. Shortly after, we were pulling in at Keele services on the M6 for our evening meal of KFC.

The roads remained fairly clear down the M6, M5 and M4, although we were stung for a £6.50 toll after crossing the River Severn into Wales. We checked in at the B&B shortly before 10pm - and went straight to bed. We agreed to meet at 7am in the breakfast room.


Good Friday 18th April 2014 - Wentwood GW/SW-033

The basic plan was to work through the GW/SW one pointers, south of the Brecon Beacons, from East to West. Hence we first drove out to Wentwood for what would be one of the easiest summits of the weekend.

We parked in the wide track entrance at ST414945 and walked the fairly flat 300 metres or so to the summit. As usual, Jimmy and I set up independently, while Liam played on his portable games console. For this trip, I was using the SOTA Beams end-fed halfwave antenna and Micro Z tuner, in order to provide the option of “insurance” bands if 12m was not performing, or if Jimmy was struggling on 2m. This system and strategy worked extremely well, although the slight downside was that for 24MHz, the antenna was not quite as effective as my single band groundplane quarterwave for 12m - which I guess is to be suspected.

What didn’t help was that the 12m band was in less than excellent shape during this weekend! This was where the EFHW + Micro Z system came to my rescue. I managed to get S2S with S52CU/P on S5/CP-022 and another 12m QSO with G4WTF, but that was it. I retuned the antenna for 30m and worked EA2CW/P on EA2/BI-063 and then to 20m for F6HBI/P on F/AM-467 for a couple of S2S contacts to qualify the summit. Meanwhile, Jimmy MW0HGY/P managed to get the four contacts all on 2m FM using a SOTAbeams MFD.

So a successful start, and now it was off to Mynydd Twyn-glas GW/SW-019.


Good Friday 18th April 2014 - Mynydd Twyn-glas GW/SW-019

We parked on a large triangle of rough ground at ST236980 adjacent to the road corner. This was a longer but easy walk, 2.5km along good tracks. The tracks were rather stony, so I preferred the going on a dry grassy path parallel to the track.

Eventually we reached the junction of paths beside the transmitter compound. We continued ahead and to the right of the mast, now on a narrower but still very well defined path. The trig point was attained shortly after.

Jimmy had no problem on this one, racking up 13 contacts on 2m FM. I found the going on 12m very difficult again, and managed only to answer a CQ call from R4MZ in order to bag that all-important Challenge multiplier. In order to qualify the activation, I changed band to 40m, bagging S2S with Mark G0VOF/P on Longridge Fell G/SP-014 and MW/SM0HPL/P on GW/SW-008. I heard Barry M0IML/P on Detling Hill G/SE-013, but couldn’t get through, so SWL log for that one! My total was 5 CW contacts, all but one on 40m.

After returning to the car, we headed to Mynydd y Lan GW/SW-024.


Good Friday 18th April 2014 - Mynydd y Lan GW/SW-024

We parked on the grass verge beside the track entrance at ST194933. The initial part of the transmitter road was fairly steep but soon eased to a very gentle gradient across the common. At the transmitters, we were within the activation zone according to SOTA rules, but as usual, we progressed the further 1km to the summit. This meant turning right (south) and following a faint path through the grass and heather.

Jimmy again was able to complete using his own 2m FM gear, and recorded five QSOs. However, it was the same old story for me, struggling after an age to get a single CW contact on 12m for the Challenge multiplier. Mickey 2E0YYY/P was heard calling from Easington Fell G/SP-012, but only weakly.

Moving onto 20m CW, I added 7 more QSOs, including S2S with Pete GW4ISJ/P on Tor y Foel GW/SW-013 and HA7UL/P on HA/EM-006.

Time was cracking on but we decided to try to squeeze in a fourth activation for the day - Mynydd Machen GW/SW-030.


Good Friday 18th April 2014 - Mynydd Machen GW/SW-030

We ascended along the transmitter road from ST216907. It was after 6.30pm BST by the time we reached the summit, and it was getting rather chilly. The trig point was on a mound just beyond the transmitter compound. Jimmy set up on top of it, while I preferred to use it for shelter!

I had chosen to use the 12m GP on this activation, hoping to work the North American chasers. However, the band was still in poor shape, and it was the same old story - just one QSO on the band, fortunately enough to claim the Challenge multiplier. I got this by answering the CQ call from EA8ZS on 24.893MHz CW.

The problem now was that I didn’t have the EFHW + tuner system with me, which meant no possibility to try alternative HF bands. Instead, I jumped on Jimmy’s 2m FM station after he had finished, and proceeded to irritate him by getting 6 contacts on there, more than he had raised!

Thus a successful day’s activating was brought to a close, and we headed to Barry Island for Liam’s turn to have some fun. There were several arcades opposite the rather run-down looking pleasure park, and we played various games. Jimmy was on good form reliving a bingo machine of £12 in three turns. Liam, as usual, thrashed me on the driving games. I would get him back on the air hockey the next evening!

The final activity for the day was a curry at the Rahil restaurant in Barry town centre, where we enjoyed a superb meal and a couple of beers. Back at the B&B, we again agreed to meet at 7am for breakfast, ahead of the planned activation of Craig yr Allt GW/SW-037.


Easter Saturday 19th April 2014 - Craig yr Allt GW/SW-037

Me and the lads all reported for breakfast at 7am as agreed. Breakfast was only served from 8am in the hotel, but we figured that we could make a start on the fruit juice and cereals, and place our orders, and maybe even it would be served early as well. The plan worked a treat!

Jimmy got stuck into the fantastic “full Welsh” that he and I had also enjoyed the previous day, while Liam and I enjoyed an omelette loaded with cheese, tomato, onion, bacon and mushroom! It was a lovely day outside with sunshine and blue sky, and Jimmy directed me up to the parking spot for Craig yr Allt. This was at the start of the track at ST142852.

An easy walk along the track was followed by a pull up a steeper path through the trees and out onto the summit ridge. A very nice mini ridge walk took us up to the summit, which was not marked by anything, other than being the highest point.

As usual, I persisted with the difficult 12m band until getting at least one QSO, and this time it came from OH7TX in CW. 40m CW was much easier, and a further 8 contacts came in without difficulty. Jimmy got 6 all on 2m FM. Like many of the summits visited on this trip, views were really interesting over the surrounding valleys all crammed with industry. I also noted how virtually all the valleys were filled from one end to the other with long thin residential villages, with many of these extending surprisingly high onto the surrounding hillsides.

Anyway, Jimmy had plans for more summits, so we packed up and returned to the car in order to head for Cefn Eglwysilan GW/SW-025.


Easter Saturday 19th April 2014 - Cefn Eglwysilan GW/SW-025.

This was a very short an easy walk. Parking was on a wide verge at ST095904 beside a high country lane. A grassy path countoured along the hillside, before working its way up to the trig point at the summit. Like many of the summits visited, we were surrounded by the rather joyous sight of ewes, each with one or two newborn lambs frollicking around them.

For the first time on this GW/SW trip, I managed to qualify on 12m! Seven QSOs on 12m CW were joined by one each on 30m CW and 20m CW, which were S2S with Jurg HB9BIN/P on HB/BE-012 and Tom DL1DVE/P on DM/SX-108 respectively. Jimmy made six QSOs on 2m FM, including S2S with Viki MW6BWA/P on Cefn yr Estrad GW/SW-008.

After the quick walk back to the car, we made for Mynydd y Glyn GW/SW-027.


Easter Saturday 19th April 2014 - Mynydd y Glyn GW/SW-027

While it was tempting to try and drive down the farm road, we parked in its wide entrance at ST043883. After walking half a mile or so past Cefn-coed Farm and to Langton Court Farm, I reckoned I could have got away with driving that section and leaving my car up there. But no worries, we were enjoying the walking and it was a nice day.

We then walked through the fields, which again were crammed with ewes and new lambs. The trig point on the raised land ahead could be seen in front of us. Jimmy explained that this wasn’t the summit - which was a further flat 500m on - but was in the AZ. Upon reaching the trig point, I decided to set up there and let Jimmy go and visit the featureless true summit on his own. Jimmy dumped his rucksack at the trigpoint, as this looked to have a better VHF take-off than the true summit as well.

Again, I had some rare joy on 12m with a breathtaking 7 CW QSOs, mainly into Russia. Jimmy managed the requisite four QSOs on 2m FM, including S2S with Viki MW6BWA/P on Tor y Foel GW/SW-013.

After completing our descent, it was off to Garth Hill GW/SW-034 for the 4th and final summit of the day.


Easter Saturday 19th April 2014 - Garth Hill GW/SW-034

The final one of the four summits close to Barry was Garth Hill. We parked at ST100829, opposite the start of the steep private road. This tarmac lane serves a couple of properties on the hillside, and doubles as a PROW onto the common and the popular Ridgeway Walk.

Once onto the common, the gradient eased and the views opened up. We curved around to the mound on the summit of Garth Hill. Jimmy went to the trig point and set up for 2m, while Liam and I used the mound as shelter.

After the unconfined joy of seven 12m contacts on Mynydd y Glyn 3 hours earlier, it was back to normal on Garth with a long struggle to get the Challenge multiplier, eventually coming from a QSO with Igor RW3SK on SSB. Thereafter it was onto 20m for six CW contacts. Jimmy managed 8 QSOs on 2m FM, including a couple of S2S.

That evening, it was back to the arcades on Barry Island, and then to the local Brewers’ Fayre for the all-you-can-eat “Chicken Feast”, which was distinctly average. Back at the hotel, the lads went to their rooms and presumably to bed, while I played my traditional Saturday night game of trying to stay awake through Match of the Day - which as usual, I failed.

We planned to head in the direction of Port Talbort and Mynydd Dinas GW/SW-040 the next morning.


In reply to M1EYP:
Thank you, Tom, for these activations. Despite I was not available for trying to chase you, I’ve enjoyed reading the reports.
Congrats for a very productive Easter holidays.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 - Mynydd Dinas GW/SW-040

We kicked off as usual with the early breakfast at the hotel in Barry, this time all three of us opting for porridge, which was very pleasant and full of energy. The next job was to drive down the M4 westbound to Port Talbort, where we exited at J41 and drove up to Baglan, and the Blaen-Baglan farm at SS759925. Here there was a large concrete area opposite the path entrance, with plenty of room for cars.

After passing through the gate opposite, we walked beside the farmyard and slightly downhill before gradually contouring up and around the forest on the Welsh Coast Path. Apparently, this route goes around the side of Mynydd Dinas in order to maintain views of the sea, for the steelworks refused allowed the route to pass through its territory.

As the path continued to rise, spectacular views opened up over Port Talbort and Swansea Bay. This was quickly becoming my favourite walk of the Easter trip, a real gem of a summit. After doubling back on a zigzag, all that remained was a right turn onto a faint path up to the summit.

Jimmy, on 2m FM as usual, could only scrape together three contacts. Meanwhile, I eventually managed to answer a CW CQ call from Ivan LZ1IF in order to bag the 12m Challenge multiplier. I switched over to 40m, and made three CW contacts there to qualify the summit.

That cued the arrival of Jimmy to request some time on the HF station. He went on 40m SSB and added four G stations to his log. He returned to his station to pack away, while I worked another four G’s on 40m SSB.

A most satisfying walk and activation, on a cool, calm and dry Easter Sunday morning. Heavy rain was scheduled for some point in the day so our strategy was to get what we could join before it arrived, and save a couple of trivial summits for later in the day to give us more flexibility. But next it was off to the other summit local to Port Talbort - Foel Fynyddau GW/SW-029.


Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 - Foel Fynyddau GW/SW-029.

For this one we parked in the wide track entrance at SS772935. However, greater observation by me would have revealed that the tarmac track climbing the hill was mapped as a byway open to all vehicles. It was only at the top of that lane by the stile into the PROW through the field that it dawned on me that I could have easily left my car right there. Mind you, this was also next to a sort of scrapyard with a hotchpotch of portacabins and all manner of aggressive notices, so perhaps best not!

The path now curved uphill between the yard fence and a forested area, before opening out onto a grassy path up to the transmitters on the summit. I chose to set up by the metal fence of one of the transmitter compounds, where I figured I could obtain the double benefits of shelter from the cold breeze - and a backrest! Jimmy had already peaked and was setting up the MFD beside the trig point.

Jimmy MW0HGY/P made his qualifying four QSOs on 2m FM in little over 10 minutes. He wandered over to inform me he had qualified, and asked if I had done likewise. “I’ve not even made my first contact yet” was my rueful response. Again, I was struggling to get anything at all in the logbook on 12m. Eventually, this box was ticked courtesy of a SSB QSO with Gosho, operating Bulgarian special event station LZ1808SNS.

Contact number two cam after QSYing to 20m CW and working MW/SM0GNS/P on Pen y Fan GW/SW-001 for a S2S. I couldn’t repeat that feat with Jurg HB9BIN/P on HB/NW-015, so that was marked SWL - his pile-up was enormous.

Going down to 40m did enable a second S2S though, this time with DL8JJ/P on DM/HE-128. Moving up 1kc from there, I soon worked three more chasers to finish on six contacts and the points in the bag.

After a speedy descent, we made out way across towards Mynydd y Betws GW/SW-028, which offered a very easy “walk”, thus giving us flexibility with the incoming poor weather.


Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 - Mynydd y Betws GW/SW-028

The third activation of Easter day and 11th of the South Wales tour thus far. We had been aware for a couple of days that poor weather was expected to come in by the afternoon, so we set aside a couple of trivial hills for the second half of Sunday. For Mynydd y Betws, the road passes over the hill at virually summit height.

Upon arriving at the parking spot, it was still raining heavily, but we had collected some lunch items from a shop in a local village. We turned on the 2m set in the car and sat eating our sandwiches and pasties. “CQ SOTA” came out of the extension speaker of the FT-8800 mobile rig, which prompted both Jimmy and I to work GW0JZE/P who was activating GW/MW-021.

Not too long later, the rain stopped and the skies started looking a little brighter. Nonetheless, Liam elected to remain in the car, while Jimmy and I made our way the 200 yards or so across the tussocky grass to a slightly raised mound that we decided was effectively the summit. This is the earthwork marked as “Penlle’r Castell” on the OS 1:25000 map. Around the mound was a ditch, which offered some relative shelter, so we set our stations such that we could make use of this.

I was off to a flyer on this one, working YO8BFC almost immediately on 12m CW. However, that was to be my one and only contact on 24MHz, and after twelve minutes of unanswered CQing, I gave up and went down to 40m. Jimmy was fnding things slow going on 2m FM, but in 19 minutes of operating he had secured his four contacts. Moving to 40m CW proved fruitful for me, with five UK chasers going straight into the log in just two minutes of operation!

The rain restarted as we were walking back to the car, so this would appear to have been a perfectly timed activation! The option for a fourth summit for a third consecutive day remained, so we drove to Mynydd Uchaf GW/SW-031.


Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 - Mynydd Uchaf GW/SW-031

There was a wide grassy area at the road junction at SN717095. I pulled onto this for parking, but making sure that I left my driver side wheels just on the edge of the tarmac - just in case! This spot is just 800m from the summit, and only 35m lower, although about 10m must be dropped in the first instance, before gradually ascending 45m back up to the highest point.

From the parking spot, it appeared that this would be a squelchy bogtrot, so we changed into walking boots and wellies accordingly. In fact Jimmy had been in his boots for each and every activation of this trip, but Liam and I had remained in our normal trainers and shoes respectively so far, with virtually everything being on stone/tarmac tracks or very firm and dry grassy paths.

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised, as what initially appeared to be an indistinct path soon turned into a well established route that was firm and dry underfoot. This led to a half tumbled-down brick and wood structure close to the summit. Liam and I earmarked that for where we would hunker down after we had been to the highest point for photographs.

In between the ruin and the summit were several large depressions in the ground, and Jimmy used one for his own shelter, setting up the MFD adjacent to it for his 2m FM.

It was yet another instance of working hard to establish a single 12m contact for me, this time with Slava UX7FC on 24.899MHz CW. I then moved to 20m, where I could hear EA5NR/P activating EA5/AT-040, but I couldn’t get through. At the end of the activation, I did get a S2S with Antonio EC2AG/1 on EA2/LR-047 however. That was 16th QSO of the activation, and 15th on 20m SSB. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t feel like doing CW, and perhaps the instinct was correct with a super run of 15 SSB contacts in just 10 minutes.

At this point, Jimmy came down to my position to tell me he had only been able to raise two on 2m FM. He immediately tail-ended my QSO with Antonio to grab the S2S for himself, before also adding Pedro EA2CKX for the qualification. Jimmy then returned to his 2m gear and managed to eke out one more QSO making five for his activation.

While he was doing that and packing away, Liam and I were making a sharp exit. That meant that we could enjoy a grandstand view from the inside of the car when Jimmy finally made his own swift return. Our drive back to Barry was dominated by incredibly heavy rain. We had done well to keep an eye on things and generally be out in the dry, and in the car during any heavy rain! Sensible planning and vigilance had allowed us the opportunities to achieve this; there’s no substitute for experience!

After driving back to Barry, neitherof the lads had any appetite for yet more arcades, so we all grabbed showers at the B&B and then went out to an Indian restaurant. Curry and Kingfisher made for a most satisfying evening relaxation before going back to the hotel for Match of the Day 2 - and sleep.

Again we arranged to meet at 7am for breakfast, with Mynydd Drumau GW/SW-038 being first on the following day’s agenda.


Easter Monday 21st April 2014 - Mynydd Drumau GW/SW-038

The began with the scheduled 7am breakfast meet in the B&B. For our final indulgence, the lads both went for the loaded omelettes, while I made a welcome return to the full Welsh. All three of us partook in HP brown sauce. Obviously.

It looked a beautiful day weather wise, with sunshine and blue skies, and a considerable amount more warmth - and less breeze - than the previous three days. It would be a day of shirt sleeves and sunhats on the hills.

As usual, Jimmy’s research was detailed and accurate. He directed me through the village of Bryn-coch and onto the byway at S737999. Jimmy had found out, correctly, that vehicles could legally be driven a significant distance along these lanes. Indeed, we finally parked outside Dyffryn Farm at SN730002, just before the “No vehicles beyond this point” sign.

We walked up to the sharp turn in the track and then up the gentle gradient to another hairpin bend at SS727999. I couldn’t help but notice that the road surfaces were excellent all the way up to this point and there was plenty of space for potential parking at the quarry here. I had seen another car driving down from this point while walking up. But the sign at the bottom had said “No vehicles beyond this point” so I banished all such naughty thoughts from my mind.

Shortly after the quarry was yet another hairpin bend in the now stony track, now on the open hillside. Where the track met the wall at SS726999, we turned right and ascend up the grassy slope to a gate at SN726000. All that remained was to diagonally cross the field to the trig point at the summit. The field was mainly populated with ewes and newborn lambs, but a group of about ten bullocks seemed to be taking an interest in us from a distance. I kept a careful eye on this, and when they appeared to be getting edgy and gesturing to start running towards us, we turned and started walking slowly back towards the gate!

Within seconds of this action by us, the bullocks lost interest and walked away to the far corner of the field. We about-turned yet again and this time reached the trig point by the wall. Although any potential danger had passed, we set up on the opposite side of the wall to the field containing the bullocks. As we were setting up, they all ran away to a further away field.

Today’s hill sustenance was courtesy of the Easter eggs Marianne had packed for us. A start was made on these to top up on energy, with the remainders stashed away in rucksacks for the second summit later.

I really struggled on this summit to get any sort of contact on 12m whatsoever. Hence when I overheard Jimmy working Mark GW1DTA in nearby Swansea, I asked him to ask Mark to listen for me on 24.936MHz SSB. A minute or so later I had a 59 both ways QSO with Mark on 12 - phew!

Tuning around I heard Colwyn OE/MM0YCJ/P on OE/TI-061 on 20m SSB and DL8DXL/P on DM/BM-195 on 40m CW - but couldn’t get through to either, so just noted them down as SWL logs. I did manage six QSOs of my own on 7.032MHz CW though, so the activation was comfortably qualified. Jimmy MW0HGY/P also got his point with five 2m FM QSOs, and it was time to pack up and descend.

The next, 14th and final summit of the South Wales trip, would be Hirfynydd GW/SW-017.


Easter Monday 21st April 2014 - Hirfynydd GW/SW-017

We parked outside the end house on the unusual cul-de-sac housing road in Banwen, SN855094. In warm sunshine we climbed the tiled ramp to the edge of the forest, soon joining the wide gravel tracks that we realised were part of a professional rallying circuit.

Navigation was tricky as the rally racing roads were relatively newly built, and not indicated on the map (except where they coincided with original PROWs and/or forest clearings). Hence on a couple of occasionals, we paused for a rest and to allow the GPS on my phone to indicate exactly where we were on the UK Atlas Android app (which has the OS 1:25000 mapping).

Fortunately, this was working well, and each time we were able to work out where we needed to be. In the vicinity of the summit though, it was particularly confusing, especially with a high manmade spoil tip rising above us and blocking views. We eventually found the trig point just after 3.30pm.

We set up our antennas in this clearing and basked in the now blazing sunshine. It was the first activation where we had not felt compelled to throw on our fleeces upon reaching the summit! Another key task was to finish the rest of our Easter eggs. This task was successfully accomplished.

It was “Groundhog Day” again for me, with a long drawn-out campaign to get just one 12m contact. After hearing, but failing to get through to Carolyn G6WRW/P on Bardon Hill G/CE-004, I had a CQ call answered by YO9FNP. That was a relief; I had somehow managed to collect all 14 Challenge multipliers in this long weekend where this band just wasn’t really working!

On 40m CW, six contacts were made, a total then match on 40m SSB. Two 40m SSB activations were logged as SWL - DB7MM/P on DM/BM-0249 and OK/SQ6GIT/P on OK/KR-014. So three SWL logs from this summit but no S2S. Jimmy collected one though, with GW1ZAR/P on GW/SW-012 being the last of his five 2m FM QSOs.

I enjoyed the descent back down to Banwen in the continuing balmy weather. The drive back north to Macclesfield was going well until we hit congestion between J1 on the M5 and the M6 at Spaghetti Junction. A serious incident, just 200 yards ahead of where we stopped, had closed the motorway in both directions. A delay of about 90 minutes meant that it was about 10pm when we were finally sitting down to our roast lamb dinners at the home QTH!

An absolutely enjoyable four days.


In reply to M1EYP:
Well done, Tom. It’s very good that you all finally got home safe and sound.
Shame that I couldn’t even chase you once, but it’s not easy due to work all these days long and being out without radio in Madrid for the Easter holidays.
Is that Spaghetti junction you mentionned the one in B’ham? I guess so.
I “enjoyed” that B’ham Spaghetti junction when I was working there Mondays to Fridays for some months back in 2000.
I don’t really miss it, :wink:
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Yes Guru, that is indeed Spaghetti Junction. Unfortunately HF conditions were pretty dismal during the Easter weekend anyway. 12m was very hard work even just to get a single QSO on most summits, while 40m was working well inter-G but not much beyond. 20m was the best band for GW to EA contacts, but there is limited time on summits when you are trying to bag as many new uniques as possible within a weekend hi!

Kind regards,


In reply to M1EYP:

I always thought spaghetti junction was the Graveley Interchange where the A38 meets the M6 at junction 6.

In reply to M1EYP:

Thank you Tom and Jimmy for the excellent research and reports of your trip in South Wales. It sounds like the ideal destination for a bank holiday weekend when the honeypots are choked with traffic. I’ve made a note of all the car park places mentioned as I know the research done by Jimmy will be 100% perfect. I’m not sure when I will visit that area but with SOTA Complete Fever an ongoing medical condition I hope I can dampen it down with a visit there sometime soon.

73 Phil