Summit Data: Distance and Bearing

Am I missing something? I don’t see how to get distance and bearing to a summit from my
home with the new Summits Info pages.

Are you logged in? Have you set your location in your profile?

I tried to login. Currently I have 4 SOTA username/password combinations:

  1. SOTAwatch
  2. SOTA reflector
  3. SOTA database
  4. SOTAmaps

None of them worked to get full access to the summit list. Seems I have to register once again. Well, I never have to type or remember any passwords, I am using KeePass…

Those are 4 different websites run by 3 people.

The old SOTA website didn’t need a login so when the new SOTA website came along and it did need a login which one should we have selected from those you may have?

The new SOTAwatch website (not yet running) will probably use the same login as the new SOTA website. So you’ll be back to 4 logins. Once they are running we’ll look at how we can unify DB, website, reflector into one login.

There’s nothing but good security practice from stopping you using the same login in details for all of the websites. I wouldn’t advise that though. The DB uses salted & hashed passwords so even if you were silly enough to use the same password for your online banking as for the DB, I would not be able to resolve your password. I assume Jon (who has written a lot more ‘online’ stuff than me) will have a similar system.

There is.

Some of them require a password containing at least one non-alphanumeric character. Some of them do not. It is very difficult and confusing to remember which is which. For example, my password on the Database has never contained a non-alphanumeric character, but I cannot use that password on the main SotaWatch site.

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Al,
Andy beat me to it - you need to be logged in. I also looked for a direction to point the 2m beam today only to find on the new website that information isn’t displayed until you log in. If you simply leave the web page, I think you get logged out after a time, so a new login is required the next time you visit (if you need the extended information).

It would be great if once all the website updates are completed we could have a “SSO” - Single Sign On, but those systems can be a real pain to implement and maintain, especialy if different web platforms are in use.

For now, I, like most people have found a password that is acceptable to all of the different SOTA websites and made all Ids and passwords the same.


Even if it is not required, It is advisable that everyone should include at least one non alphanumeric character in every password where the data beyond the login needs to be secure. For such sites, I always try to have 1 or 2 uppercase plus 1 or 2 numbers plus 1 or 2 non alphanumeric characters along with the lower case letters. I store mine in an encrypted spreadsheet with a 16 character PW which contains 492 registration details which I would have no hope of remembering. That has been built up over 35 years since my first primitive email account.

Nope the numeric requirement has been dropped. You can still set them all the same by using the strictest requirements. Anyway, it will get better and not worse. But it might not get better soon.

Thanks to all who responded. I never had previously set a password for anything but the SOTAwatch2 account, and I guess I let my computer remember it (bad policy, but it’s not as if I keep my money on a SOTA site). Whenever it seemed that a password might be needed (as when entering log data) apparently my computer satisfied the request without bothering me. I did not even notice that the new Summits database wanted a password until I got responses today. So I set it, used the same password as before, apparently it is strong enough, and I can see bearings and distances again.

Nobody tells us anything!

Walt (G3NYY)

I’m sure Jotln said this in a reply to someone recently.


Yes, but I suspect that I am the only one who reads all the replies!