Summit correction for 9 Oct 2018, W1/AM-020

Mea culpa, I have to report a correction. Back in 2018 I was getting started in SOTA and took a vacation to Maine. One of the summits I activated was Moxie Mountain, W1/AM-020, on 9 October 2018. Or so I thought. While planning a return visit to Maine, I looked more closely at various resources including SOTA Atlas. I discovered that on 9 October 2018, I did not activate Moxie Mountain – instead, I activated what the Appalachian Trail maps call Moxie Bald Mountain, and SOTA calls Bald Mountain Caratunk, W1/AM-047.

I have corrected my logs in the Database, with no impact on point score as both are 2 point summits. This has the following results:

  1. W1/AM-020 is now listed as not yet activated. The first activation is waiting!
  2. W1/AM-047 now shows me as the first activator. Apologies to N4AAJ, who activated it in June 2023 while on his epic Appalachian Trail through-hike.
  3. Apologies also to the following chasers who may want to change their logs: W0MNA, W2SE, N8BB, N1EU, AC1Z, K3TCU, KG3W, NE4TN, G4DBK, HB9DHW, SH2AW, EA2LU, WA2USA, OK2PDT, W0MNA, W0ERI, KX0R, K4MF, NG6R, K9IA.

Scott WB8ICQ