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Summit Confirmation today was EI/IW-036

Today my Sota reference was IE/IW-036 Knockmore on clare island, IOTA EU-121 and my call sign was EJ7GEB/p.
With no Internet or signal, there was confusion in my pileup with the reference IW-034 (not correct).
Thanks to all the chasers ( could not hear you Karl, sorry).
David EI7GEB

Hi David,
Why did your callsign change from EI7 to EJ7 - is that a special event prefix or something?

73 Ed DD5LP.

P.S. listened for you when I saw the spot but nothing heard unfortunatey.

Irish islands use EJ, the Irish mainland is EI.

AH! One learns something new every day!


Cheers Andy learnt something new again does that include coastal islands too.

David, thanks for coming down to the 40m, You would not heard me as dues to stupid mistake on my behalf for first few minutes after retuning band after coming of another one forgot to hit the button twice to come out of CW to LSB was on USB DOH. Plus band was in bit of dire state to me too. :frowning:

May be next time on another day. :slight_smile:

Irish islands: use EJ, Irish mainland: use EI.

Hi Karl,

I hope to activate EI/IW-086 on Inis turk island on Friday. Only one return ferry to this island.

Hope I hear you on 40m.


OH dear be out said day

Oh well be another day :slight_smile:

Does that include inland islands too?

The EJ prefix is used for offshore islands not linked by a bridge or causeway to the mainland. Not for island inland e.g. in a lough or estuary.
73, Phil

That question is a bit of an ‘airspeed of an unladen swallow’ in my opinion.

Is that an African or European swallow?


[voice in head says] “…be careful how you answer this one Andy…”