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Summit changes

We have a difficult to locate and more difficult to fix bug with database uploads at present. This is slowing down updates and means that your OE and ON activation scores may be wrong. The following changes have gone ahead.

ZL3 - new association
W6 - major update
ON - new summits (I think they’re old ones that used to be valid and are again)
HB0 - 1 new summit, 3 deletions
EA5 - AT-015 should have been AB-015, the summit has been reregioned and recoded.
KLF/YK - uploaded (missed out from big Alaska upload)
W0M - new AM details.

As usual I bang on the keyboard like a demented monkey and this gets uploaded but the people doing the real work are the summits team, the AMs and the AM helpers. Please join me in thanking them.


Hi Andy

First a big thank to you and all the helpers for the great work. Well done.

There is a small typing error in the HB0 summit list. The name of HB0/LI-008 is Kuegrat and not Keugrat.

73, Tom

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