Summer time clock changes

People in the USA and neighbours have already done this but most of rest of the world that uses summer time will switch from their winter to summer clocks this weekend early Sunday morning.

PLEASE REMEMBER spots, alerts and logs use UTC.


We switch back on 07/04/2024 from summer time.
CZ …

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My phone has a “Sunset to Sunrise” blue-light filter timing option. Sunrise was at 05:46 UTC today. Overnight the phone switched from UTC to BST. Have a guess what time the phone flipped its blue-light filter this morning…

As you might figure from the message’s timestamp, it flipped to white and bright at 05:46 BST, of course, because WTF?

0646? :thinking:

Answer now hidden under spoiler tag above… :exploding_head:

I changed my clock. But I still prefer the older one…

And I did wonder about the spoiler tag, but I see that THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE

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I would remember it more if we had to quote the time in Zulu hours during a contact! Actually could the SOTA shop source a decent portable clock, something that is always on, so I’m not fiddling with my phone!

Your wish is my command - will have a look later.
But I expect Aliexpress, from the Third Kingdom, could satisfy your needs :grinning:

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Hmmm. I remember buying a nice little portable alarm clock (I still have it) that had a radio link to ensure it was always correct, but the first time I took it with me I found that I could not read the time in sunlight! After that I stuck with my wrist watch, a useful but nearly obsolete device in the mobile phone age!

I have this one.
Large digits, has 24H mode, and shows temperature as well.
Folds up flat to protect display.
Bought it last year in a Chinese shop on Mallorca, but this is the same:

(link may not point to the cheapest one, do your research)

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Good tip Luc @ON7DQ ,

I’ve gone for one of these: 1.75€ |Stille leuchtende abs digitale elektronische Uhr Student Prüfung Studie Uhr digitale Tabelle Zeitanzeige hängen Schlüssel bund Schreibtisch uhr| | - AliExpress

Can’t wait :rofl::grinning:

I have one of these… junk!

Gains 2mins a week and temp display is as accurate as licking my finger, holding it in the air and guessing. Still it was only £1.99 Inc delivery from the Middle Kingdom.

I think the problem is the quality is very variable. You may get a good one.

I did a google search but nothing suitable popped up, something that showed UTC and current time (BST)

I have the same one in the shack :grinning: bought it on Amazon for £2.49 nine years ago. It does drift a bit, but nothing major. Like Andy’s, the temperature is not accurate, but not bought it for that.

Tried several since with just the time, but the digits on this one are that little more darker creating a better contrast irrespective of viewing angle. Only use it in the shack, not on a summit though.

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Well, I have a good one then, the temp indcation is quite accurate, and the clock drifts less than the clock in my KX3, which is just a “little” more expensive … hi

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I was really disappointed because the display is nice and clear and the case protected the display well. The temp display is about right from 10C to 20C, just no good above or below that.