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Summer Holiday 2011 PA3FYG

Hello all,

At first : Thanks to all chasers, spotters and my XYL José.

In 22 days I ( we ) activated 24 summits in ON, LX ,DL ,HB9 ,HB0 ,OE and DM. ( added 132 points ). I had 17 times S2S.

I made 710 qsos, mainly on 40m SSB, some on 20m SSB.

Most of the time we had to plan our trips according to the weather situation, often short rain showers. So sorry if I had to QRT quickly! That is why I used SMS alert 3 times to speed things up (works fine).

Best trip was to Augustenberg in Liechtenstein ( HB0/LI-004 ), quite difficult in hot weather.

Special was my activation of DM/RP-006 (Nürburg), it was on a day that there was a car race on the nearby Nürburgring. That produced a lot of audio QRM on the location, hi hi. ( Did you hear it ? )

Nice DX: 6W1AAD on 20m.

I planned to activate two other summits in ON on route to LX, but could not find a suitable parking place for our car with caravan near the summit hi hi. So we pasted the spot and leave it for next holiday.

I achieved my target : more than 100 unique summits ( 117 ), and worked from 11 associations now. Next target ?: 1000 points, I have 710 now …

“Best” chasers: G4JZF(18 !!!),DL3HXX(13),G0RQL(13),HA5CW(13),S51ZG(13).

Pictures on my site: http://www.smitzeewolde.nl/index.php/photos-of-my-sota-activations/holiday-summer-2011/

Until next QSO,

73 de Hans PA3FYG

In reply to PA3FYG:

Thanks Hans for all the summits and for the eQSLs. Well done on all your achievements.

73 Tony, G8BVJ