Summer 2018 - a new italian special call II2SOTA

From June 1st 2018 up to September 31 2018 a special call II2SOTA will be activated.
There are three OM (me IZ0WRS, Daniel IU0IGX and Davide IZ1FUM) who are allowed to operate this call.

Here you can find the schedule of activations and the log of QSO:

In this week IZ0WRS will activate II2SOTA/5 from Tuscany:
06/14/2016 I/TO-192 Poggio Lecci
06/15/2018 I/TO-140 Punta Telegrafo
Both days roughly from 09:00 UTC up to 13:00 UTC (probably not continuously).
I will operate QRP preferably in 10m and if the propagation will not help me down in lower bands down to 20m (not 40m or lower).
I hope to contact you next days.
73 Alex IZ0WRS