Submission of summit data for database

Hi Jon

We are rapidly approaching the time when the list of French summits is complete. Once the formal approval of the ARM has been finalised, we will send you the full summit data in a suitable format. It currently exists in Excel database, Word, and PDF form. Which is esaiest for you to manipulate, or is there a better option to make your life easier? There are 2553 summits altogether!!

73 de Les, G3VQO

Hi Les,

I think in the first instance Tom, M1EYP has been the one to import the new Summit Data into the database. I then do an export for SOTAwatch once the import is completed.

You lurking Tom?

73, Jon

Yes, here.

Les, have you been provided with the Excel spreadsheet format for the F summit data, that you need to complete in order to forward to me to put on the database? If so, just send it onto me at: …and I will get it on there ready.

If not, let me know also, and I can provide the template.


BTW, please don’t have one Excel file for the whole association, containing multiple sheets, ie a sheet for each region.

It is much better to have each region as a separate Excel file. I can upload to the database MUCH faster that way.

Continuing this conversation by direct e-mail, now that I know who I should be talking to !! …