Stupidity On The Fells

Just thought I bring this to everyone’s attention.

Click on the link below, you can voice your own opinion to the newspaper direct if you want!!

Amanda (2E0MND)

In reply to M3MND:
Its the same every year, out come the candidates for the Darwin Award, it seems that there is an endless supply of people who can’t think and won’t listen, and this in its turn brings out the people who say “close the hills” or “charge them for rescue”.

Then again, I suppose we have all done something silly and survived it…


Brian G8ADD

It just so happens that I was on Helvellyn on the day in question, as reported in another thread. I must say that most of the walkers I saw were well kitted out like myself, although I’m not disputing that some walkers were ill prepared for the conditions.

It was certainly a very nice day to be out in the hills, providing all the proper gear was taken along. I had a duvet jacket with me as an additional layer, and two spare sets of hats and gloves!

73 and take care in them thar hills!

Colin M0CGH