Stunning Norwegian fjord views

I’m almost at the end of my 2 week solo journey around a smidgeon of Norway. Love this place!!

I thought this activation offered amongst the best views I’ve seen in over 300+ activation but I’m a sucker for water and mountains.

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Great photos Paul, thanks for your report.:beers:

Geoff vk3sq

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" Best views ever?"

If not best, up there with the best!

Amazing photos :heart_eyes:

No wonder the Norwegian Blue was pining for them…

You didn’t see a plaque commemorating Slartibartfast, did you?

Us too, we have recently returned from a Norwegian Fjord cruise and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Cruises aren’t really our thing, but the Norwegian Fjords was on our to do list :grinning: we definitely will return in (but not on cruise :joy:)
I opened SOTA Goat one morning as we arrived at Nordfjordeid, to see if there were any nearby summits. I have never been surrounded by so many summits.


Hi Paul @MW0PDV

Lots of very cool looking cruises up and down the Norwegian coast.

After the peak in this blog post, I nabbed a peak at the mouth of the fjord you sailed up. My timing was a little off as my hike up seemed to coincide with a North Atlantic storm and as a Southern California resident, hiking in torrential rain is a little unusual plus the 35 mph wind.

Need to write that one up as it was memorable to say the least.

Here’s a cruise liner doing a 90 degree turn outside my AirBnB in Alesund. Cruises are growing on me!!