Stuff that might be suitable


I can’t see the antenna. Is it a stealthy type?

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It says “long reach” in the blurb, so must be a DX bike.


No good if you want inter-g then! Also it must be for a fixed position… there’s no pedals to move it! :rofl:

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Yeah, it’s like an Elecraft radio. Once you’ve brought it you then realise you need a tonne of other stuff before you can use it.


I’m a follower of the n+1 principle when it comes to determining the correct number of bikes, radios etc. Since n (currently) = 2, I think my next one will need to have a motor and battery. (I’m in credit at the moment having sold 2 radios :innocent:)

Seems to be the norm these days of having a huge ring on the rear cassette.

So am I, but it’s a bit like being all dressed up and nowhere to go. When I finally get to thinking about getting a KX2, they’re unavailable. :hushed:


It’s due to the single front chainrings that mountain bikes have now - the dinnerplate on the back makes up for the loss of range from dropping the 2 front chainrings.

1 by 12 or 1 by 11 is MTB jargon, with the gearing is to save weight and cabling and they have pretty much found the gears on those bikes are suitable for the job. If you want more chainrings or “bigger” higher gears get a road bike or gravel bike.
I have a E bike and it has allowed me to keep cycling with my pace maker to keep fit to hike summits.
Nice bike Richards.
Ian vk5cz

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I just checked the Elecraft website and for the (assembled) KX2 it says ESD appx 12-16 weeks from date of order due to vendor parts delays.

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I’ve done Mountain Biking for years. My old Specialized FSR had 3x9 gearing. My Specialized Carve Pro 29er has 2x10. As you say many have a single ring on the front now.

73 Chris M0RSF

My old Rock Lobster was a 3x8 with Shimano XT gears. Quite regularly used to have issues with front gear when dirty. My newer Diamondback is a 1x11 and is significantly better at shifting. Also it’s simpler to pick a gear no anticipating which front ring to use, if it’s too hard go down a gear and too easy go up a gear. The only remaining problem is me being all pathetic and needing a 28 or 30 tooth front chain ring instead of the 32 that is fitted.

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I have a Sonder Camino gravel bike and I think they’re great. Ridden it in places I would generally take a mountain bike (except for the daft stuff). Never had a problem with the range of gears although the rear cassette is smaller. Winner in my book.

Not sure if its still done now but gear inches was the measurement I used to work out the right size rings for my road bike when doing the Fred Whitton a couple of times. When looking at the difference between a compact and my ‘standard’ it was pretty clear that there was a large amount of overlap with double chain rings. All I needed to do was increase the rear to a 30 and there was no benefit in having a compact. Bike industry is full of innovations ready to help remove cash

I’ve recently become more aware of Alpkit and bought a few bits of stuff from them. I’m on the mailing list and I keep looking at the Sonder bikes, they do look like good machines.

I did a bike packing trip to Coll several years ago, it wasn’t worth investing in panniers etc, so I used my large rucksack and my rigid mountain bike. Gosh it was hard work! About half way to the camp site from the ferry terminal a car stopped me and offered to transport my rucksack for me! I politely declined as I wanted to achieve the journey entirely myself.

I do keep dreaming of re-creating my trip, but with a nicer bike with proper storage for gear. I have a road bike but it’s old school with thin tyres, I think one of thd more modern crossover (gravel?) bikes would be much more suited.

I do like the look of that Transmitter bike do :slight_smile:
Again, one of the things on my to do list is a bike based SOTA activation.

73, Colin


Steel is real @M1BUU as they say :slight_smile:

Continuing the Sonder love-in, I’ve got one of their road bikes and would recommend them and I’ve got a few friends with MTBs from them who are also satisfied customers.


Ticked tbat box :white_check_mark: A bike can almost be seen as a necessity for the Cairngorms.

Even mounted the radio on the bike once or twice!


Turn the bike over onto its handlebars and seat and it gives you 2 handy wheels to tie stuff to (tarp, antenna etc).

Descents are way more fun on a bike as well. Only managed to exit out the front door once coming off Knott

Keep meaning to mount a large antenna on one of my bikes. But so far i have only got so far as putting a tree on it, to act as the support