Striding Edge - the RF equivalent

In a recent topic comments were made about the value of having a CW filter for the FT-817 - well…

Recently I had my grey matter befuddled by an over-enthusiastic and somewhat unruly response to my calls on 10.116MHz, so I was pleased at last to take delivery of a 300Hz Collins filter from W4RT Electronics today… and all I can say is WOW! I thought the 500Hz filter in the TS130V was good, but this is the RF equivalent of Striding Edge. Having just worked EA6/EA3ADV/QRP on Majorca on 10.115 who was using a K1 and a long wire (reports 449 in / 429 out in QSB and QRN), I switched to the SSB filter and found a pile up happening on the doorstep, well within the SSB passband with many signals at S9.

Seems I just might be able to cope a bit better the next time I’m out on a summit in the rain.

73, Gerald

Anyone fitted the SSB filter?

In reply to GW7AAV:

I think Richard G3CWI has done… if my grey cells are still working correctly.

73, Gerald

P.S. Just checked the previous posting on the FT-817 CW filter and my grey cells are fully charged!