Stress testing a right old mess....

Generally the WX here in SoCal has been great recently but I rather stubbornly decided to try a “portable” 2 element 10m Yagi on my local peak at a time and date that was far too windy (and frigidly old (by our standards)).

Clearly some work to do here and after I couldn’t get a descent SWR and endless trimming of lengths, once home I realized the boom length was 1/2 what the designer called for.

I’ll see what the weather holds for tomorrow (Saturday) and attempt another delpoyembt albeit with lessons learnt applied.


Good show, Paul; won’t be long until you have a portable signal-booster that works for both transmit and receive!

More on Saturday at about 1600Z: Just worked M0PJE/P in Wales, on 10 meters, using a 17M dipole, 60 ft. above a hilltop, so 10 was indeed open to G-land. Hope you had some good DX luck as well.