Stray bullet - Spot for W7W/SN-134 AT 0511z

Don’t think anyone was fooled tonight but… no, I’m not still up on the mountain. The cell phone battery died at the peak, and when we got home this evening - it dutifully sent out the spot when we plugged it in. I also discovered I can’t delete or edit the text message spots from my computer, surprise!


The title certainly gets attention! :scream:

It has happened to many of us I’m sure - I have a spare battery for my phone in case it does happen to me. But it usually just a case of no cell coverage where we are and in that case it can be deleted.

I’m sure no-one really worried when they couldn’t hear you - put it down to a broken sky or in my case an antenna needing replaced.

73 Neil

It does when you have had this actually happen to you just after an activation in Scotland!

Barry GM4TOE

PS - there will bethose who wonder why they missed too! :wink:

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