Strawberry Peak no activation

I made attempt to activate Strawberry Peak W6/CT-018 on November 6, 2023. When I arrived to the summit and turned on my radio, I did not hear any station on advertised frequencies or around. My though was about the minor magnetic storm (k=4) at that time. I did few CQs, but no answers. Then I realized that my external battery voltage is 8.6 V. Wow! I replaced battery pack by the spare one, and that one gave me battery voltage 9.3 V. It was still insufficient for the transmitter. So, I was not able to make an activation. Sorry chasers!
I am thinking to come back to an internal battery pack for my YouKits HB-1B traceiver, which I can fully charge before every activation. It uses low capacity Li-Ion batteries type 14500. I used before TENGERY brand 800 mAh, 96Wh. It lasted for one average activation, sometimes two short activations. Can anybody suggest where can I buy those or similar batteries?
73! Oleh KD7WPJ

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