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Strange transmission on 40m this morning

I found this on 40m this morning while on DL/AM-001 Piessenberg - have others already come across it?

It appears to be “naming and shaming” three Russian amateurs however the transmission itself never identifies itself with a callsign!

73 Ed.

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An unfortunate cesspit of russian/ucranian propaganda war that has been going on for years. Check out the IARU Monitoring System newsletters, they are reported every month

There’s no place for politics or religion in Amateur radio. but how do you stop it?

73 Ed.

tune st elses where and ignore :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t stop it - in this case, they are not looking for a response or reaction over the air, so turning the dial and not giving a response to it, doesn’t have any effect whatsoever.

As it’s coming from a different country, there’s little we can do unfortunately apart from report the station to the IARU/ITU.