Strange SOTAWATCH Behaviour

Having made a change to my APRS2SOTA I was just trying to test what happened, for which I - intentionally sent the info for a non-existent summit expecting to get an error message back from SotaWatch2 but not such error was returned.

It seems that a spot using such a summit reference is silently accepted by SotaWatch 2 but no spot ever appears, whilst SotaWatch3 just leaves the ‘Add SOTA Spot’ entry box on the screen - also without any error message being apparent.

Neither of these was what I really expected to happen !

I;ve also noted a few other strange things the last few days, SOTAWATCH2 seems to be normal, but sometimes SOTAWATCH3 just stops showing spots. Also, from SOTAWATVCH3, I try to go to the database and just get a blank screen, same with the messages. Blank screen. This is currently as of March 1, not a long time ago.

John, K6YK

Fixed. Try it.

Thanks! The database is working, although it’s different than the old one.
The entering of QSO info is different, it doesn’t clear off after you make an
entry. THe info stays in the fields and I have to write over the previous stuff.

Also, on the reflector, it comes up blank when I try to access a message. Just the
top screen header shows up, no message.

When I try to refresh SOTAWATCH3 spots, it comes up with just the header and
no spots.
This is on 2 different computers and 3 different browsers. Very strange.


Hey John, is that you? k6sdw…

It was poorly sick (as George was want of saying) yesterday till about 2200Z. It should be just fine now after some tweaks were put in place.

OK now, things are looking up! I got a message this time from the reflector. Thanks for your hard work!
John, K6YK

I still get a blank page when trying to read the reflector, on my old PC, I am assuming its because it is running windows XP ? My laptop on windows 10, is slow, but is ok !!

The reflector is unaffected by the recent changes, but if you are still connecting an XP system to the internet, you have to live with the consequences! :smiley:

Same thing here -

I can’t see any of the Reflector postings any more. I also have XP and run Google Chrome. A few weeks ago, all was OK, and then I lost the Reflector content. I see the blank pages with all the buttons at the top, and the buttons work.

All the other SOTA pages and content are just fine, including the SOTAWAtch 3, the new database, etc. As far as I can tell, this problem is specific to the Reflector.

My XP machine works fine for online ordering, Amazon, REI, emails, etc. I’m surprised that the Reflector stopped working.

I’m using a Windows 7 Netbook to post this.


What version of Chrome?

Not sure if it helps, but I can see threads and seemingly post here ok using Windows XP and Firefox 52.9.0 , but not in Chrome 49.0.2623.112

This is going to have to be the solution. The reflector is run on a hosted environment, so we have no control over the underlying software, but supporting a 19 year old operating system with a 4 year old browser is probably a bridge too far.

Can I suggest Linux and Chromium? :slight_smile:

What many Windows users may not know is that you can still upgrade Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 for free. If you have a genuine manufacturer installed copy and your computer came without CD/DVD copies of Windows 7 or 8 then the licencing information will be stored in the BIOS image. You can either update to Windows 10 which leaves lots of your files intact. Or do a clean install of Windows 10. During the install process you are asked for your licence information but you can skip this step and do it later. If you skip it then later on when Windows reboots to pickup new drivers it will locate the licensing information and licence your copy.

Personally, I would always recommend a clean install. In my case, I bought a new disk and installed Win10 to the blank disk and copied the data I wanted from the old disk. Simples!

Note: you can only licence the same level of Windows. If you had Windows 7 Pro you can licence Windows 10 Pro. But if you only had Windows7 Home then you cannot update to Windows 10 Pro for free.

You can’t do this with XP, only from Windows 7 or 8.1.

Same here. No problems seeing the Reflector using my laptop with Windows XP and Firefox.