Story of a lucky ham in Salzburg

After activating OE/SB-300 “Kapuzinerberg”, a summit right in the middle of Salzburg, I placed my antenna pole against the wall of a shop near the parked car and I forgot to take it with me. This happened at about 14.30h local in a very busy shopping street.
The next morning on the parking of the cable car to the Salzburgerhochtron OE/SB-204, that is also DL/BG-082, I missed it and concluded it must have left it near the parking spot in Salzburg. For my peace of mind we had a look over there, also knowing it would be hard to find a suitable pole, and it would cost us at least a sunny summit day.
Luckily we knew exactly the parking spot ( tnx to my Garmin track ) and believe it or not: It was just were I left it. So we arrived one hour later on the summit…. and I was able to activate 8 other summits in the rest of the week.

I do not know if it is a good expression, but in Dutch my xyl said : “Luck is with the fools”.
Tnx to all who just left it were is was.

This summit of 631m ASL was amazingly only activated 3 times before. You have a beautiful view over the city. In the centre of the city, but still it is a climb of 200 m! Only problem, “S9” city QRM on all bands.

So if you want to forget stuff, do it in Salzburg and have the GPS on.

73 de Hans DL/PA3FYG/p OE/PA3FYG/P

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Goedendag Hans,
why dont you left the antenna in Salzburg for my upcoming activations. hi
Well the story is quite incredible and you were very lucky then!
Btw, I left some stuff on different summits but never find it again there, even after only 1 hour of realizing it and returning to the summit ;-(

Many tnx for all the nice QSOs and vy73

Nice story. And it shows that most people are decent and honest.

Either that or no-one could think of a use for an antenna pole :slight_smile:

73, Matt

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Guess that is right and I left no wire, hook and bait, so fishing was also not an option…

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I had a lucky day like that Hans. I put my gloves, map holder and GPS on the roof of my car as I locked the door. Bag on my back, map over my shoulder, gloves on and left the GPS behind. 45mins later I noticed it was missing. I thought I’d never see it again.

I met another walker returning from the summit and we said hello. I asked him if he would check if my GPS was where I left it and if he would hide it under the car if it was still there when he got back to the car park. My fellow walker said he would.

When I got back to the car, my GPS was hidden on top of a wheel inside the wheel arch and not visible unless you checked for it. I too feel very lucky today. Makes up for -4C plus 40kmh winds plus lots of snow on the walk back.

There are some nice honest people in the world.