Stonewall Peak, Rancho Cuyamaca S.P., San Diego (W6/SC-029)

We hiked Stonewall Peak (w6/sc-029) today in Rancho Cuyamaca State Park, in San Diego County, it’s 4.3mi, 879’ vertical, made 6 QSO’s (radio contacts) on 146.52MHz with Anytone-878 and 36” tactical antenna. Made 3 QSO’s at the peak, and moved to a spot with fewer people and more room to make the remaining 3 QSO’s. Temps in the mid 50’s and a bit windy at times, wore a thermal hat after about 30m.


Very nice place! I made picture on it and used it for my SOTA QSL card.[KD7WPJ_2015|690x449](upload://1gw1

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The views are incredible from Stonewall Peak. This was one of my few California activations. It was very crowded at the top at times. I was able to make 23 contacts on 20 and 40 meter SSB. The picture shows my operating position with the mast strapped to the railing using a vertical and my 817.

73, Burke KF7NP


Awesome, looks like you guys had fun.

That’s great!