Steve 2E0KPO reached 1000 points

Congrats to Steve 2E0KPO reaching the 1000 points today. In spite of a location with a lots of qrm to manage this achievement. Thanks for the contacts and hope to hear you again.


In reply to DH3IAJ:
Thank you Ralf. Great to have a station over the water to give me the last 5 points I needed. It was tough at times with the problems I have in my location. Just got to get the 1000 activator points now.
Thanks to all the other activators as well that helped me along on my goal.

In reply to 2E0KPO:

Many congratulations on achieving Shack sloth Steve, especially under difficult conditions.

Well done.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to 2E0KPO:

Well done Steve. Nice to see another member of the Steves On The Air group doing well. If all else fails try a nice RF quiet summit.

Good luck with the next 1,000 points.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

Hi Steve,
well done and good luck with the next 1000 points.
thanks qso on sunday…

vy 73 Klaus