Stefan HB9HCS is now Mountain Goat – #60 of the Swiss herd

Dear all

When I was on tour for SOTA today with HB175RAIL, I received a call for S2S. Stefan HB9HCS was in our sunshine paradise Ticino on Monte Tamaro, HB/TI-131. Mt. Tamaro is part of a very nice ridge walk along the Swiss-Italian border. At home I remembered that Stefan would have probably reached now the quota for his first SOTA Mountain Goat with this activation, having started two years ago. The activation is not yet in the log file, but yes: congratulations on this success, and welcome to the Goat Club!

Stefan has been on several EA8 summits, with a series of first activations there, and he is not afraid of really hard tours with well over 1,000 meters of altitude or overnight stays in a tent (that is also part of the rucksack). So SOTA allows special experiences that you remember for a long time.

Stefan says: “It was fun to do this activation today and get the first mountain goat. My last QSO before the descent and a nice finale was even a DX on 12 m with @N4EX in North Carolina. SOTA is really ingenious and I would have missed probably many very beautiful and inspiring experiences in nature and never met many nice people (*). SOTA is also a super motivator and keeps us fit.”

Nothing to add. Have further fun with SOTA, Stefan - enjoy!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ
. . . and certainly some of those () () (*) you have met so far.


Félicitations Stéphane pour ce résultat et à bientôt depuis de nouveaux sommets !
Très cordialement,
Chris - F4WBN


Congratulations Stefan on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Glad to have had an S2S with you yesterday! Congratulations.
73 Fabio

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Hello Stefan

Congratulations on the mountain goat!

I’m glad I cased you during your activation on Monte Tamaro. :beers:

73 Armin

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Stefan, congratulations on achieving MG!

And many thanks for the many S2S, not only yesterday, when you activated south of the Alps.

Have fun and 73, Stephan

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Congratulations Stefan @HB9HCS on reaching your first mountain goat :+1::goat::mountain_snow:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Stefan, congratulations also from me!

73 Ludwig

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Congrats, Stefan!
73, Ken

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Gratulation zur ersten :goat:, Stefan! Es hat mich gefreut, mit dir ein ufb S2S auf der Bodenwelle im Tessin zu machen – umso mehr zu diesem speziellen Anlass (was ich gestern im QSO nicht realisiert habe) :smile:

Weiter so!

73, Manuel HB9DQM

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Thanks for the congratulations and the nice posts. I also would like to thank all the loyal Chasers (including S2S) who have accompanied me on the way to Mountain Goat. I look forward to the coming activations and QSOs with you!
73, Stefan


Herzliche Gratulation auch von uns Stefan - da hast Du ja echt Gas gegeben :clap: :clap: Du hattest uns übrigens den Piz Blas als Erstaktivierung glatt vor der Nase weggeschnappt - er wäre bei uns für den Tag nach Deiner Aktivierung geplant gewesen :smirk: :smirk: Mach weiter so :+1: Wir freuen uns schon auf die nächsten S2Ss :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

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Sali Stefan
Herzliche Gratulation zur Berggeiss und vielen Dank für die zahlreichen S2S-QSOs aus dem In- und Ausland. Mach weiter so es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

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Auch von uns noch Herzliche Gratulation
Jean-Pierreu Anita

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Congrats for reaching mountain goat status.
Hope to work you soon


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Great achievement!

'73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.

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many congratulation stefan, job well done ,ray

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Un tout grand bravo Stefan.
Amicaux 73,

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