Staying at Rosyth next week, sota?

I’m on a course at Rosyth from today until Thursday morning and would like to activate a local hill possibly.
I am taking my bike because I’m not allowed to use the hire car for fun! My employer would be really cross!
Anyway, having looked at the options, I could try Arthur’s seat subject to permission or maybe SS-234 Dumglow. The former could be reached using public transport I think, the latter using my bike.
Any local knowledge greatly appreciated.


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Allermuir Hill GM/SS-171 is my local, 493m and maybe an hour walk up from the Hillend Ski centre car park, though you could probably take a bike at least some of the way.

Cairnpapple Hill GM/SS-254, 312m has a road very close to the summit, almost at the top in terms of height and only 200m or so from the trig point.

I would have thought both would be reasonably cyclable - Allermuir over the Forth Bridge and head south east, Cairnpapple over and head south west!


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Thanks John, I’ve added them to my list of possibles. As always, I’ve left it until the last minute to make my plans.


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If you want to stick with public transport:-
You can take a No 4 Lothian Bus from Princes Street to just below the Hillend Ski Centre and walk up to SS-171 Allermuir from there.
Alternatively take the No 10 Lothian Bus, also on Princes Street, to Bonaly (make sure you take the bus No 10 marked for Bonaly and NOT Torphin) and walk up from there; you can even make a round trip of it by returning by the other route and the No 4 bus, hi.
Will listen out for you.
73 de Ken - GM0AXY

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Thanks Ken, Allermuir Hill sounds like the one I’ll try. I might leave it until wednesday as I think I’ll be at a loose end in the afternoon.

Excuse my ignorance, Princes Street is in the City I think. I wonder if there’s something from the North side of the Firth. I’ll have a look on the website. Or I might just cycle it.


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I am sure there will be buses going from Rosyth to Edinburgh (and return) First Bus comes to mind.
Princes Street is the main drag in Edinburgh,and even now with all the upheavel due to the work on new tram system, most bus routes are running along Princes Street or the parallel George Street.
73 de Ken

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…I wonder if there’s something from the North side of the Firth.

Your two closest to the north are Dumglow SS-234 and Benarty Hill SS-242. Dumglow should be approached from the East up a wide gap between the trees that starts just north of Loch Glow. The track in to the dam end of Loch Glow is good as there is a car park at the loch where all the fishing pundits go.

Benarty has a clear track from a small car park on the road to the west of Ballingry - see Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos for more details. Just might be slightly easier to get to by bike than Dumglow

However if you are a strong cyclist and fancy a few more points, you could cycle up to the car park just north of Leslie between the two Lomond hills. There is a good track between the two Lomonds that I think may be OK on a bike - I got between the two in just over an hour on foot so on a bike that could be 15-20 minutes - 2 points for SS-154 West Lomond and 1 point for SS-198 East Lomond - more details at Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

Have fun in Rosyth if ever anyone can have fun in Rosyth.

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Hi Ian,

I can only agree with your suggestion, GM/SS-272 Arthur’s Seat, a very nice summit indeed.

I managed to gain permission to activate from Historic Scotland, in less than one working day.

All details are on the summit info page.

73 and GL

Mike 2O0YYY

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Thanks for the tips folks, unfortunately I hadn’t anticipated the volume of homework I’d have. I didn’t manage to do any activations, all is not lost though as I should be back down there again this year and will have more time and a vehicle.