Station Inn, Ribblehead


A little bit off topic but I know of peoples interest(need/desire etc!!)in Real Ale. XYL, Jura the dog and GM7SRJ are booked in to the above hostelry for a couple of days walking, activating etc but I have just noticed it dropping out of the latest Good Beer guide. Does anyone know why? It seems ideal with all the summits around it and your experiences would be helpful



Let me know how it goes regards food, beer, accommodation, rooms, facilities, comfort, price etc. I am looking at this exact venue for a weekend away with the family.

It is the perfect base for an excellent circular walk via Ribblehead Viaduct, Settle to Carlise railway and taking in the summit of Whernside G/NP-004. Off topic? I think not!

Cheers, Tom M1EYP

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Hi Steve - last visit was about 2 months ago when the ale was on fine form, Theakstons. Black Sheep & best of all - Copper Dragon Ales fron Skipton. No idea why its not in latest GBG, could be one of many things. Im pretty sure the beer is still ok though.
Our CAMRA branch shot themselves in the foot - we had a pub in the first 24 editions of the GBG.(The Quiet Woman in Earl Sterndale) In its 25th year some bright spark decided it was "time for a change" dropping it from the guide, robbing both the pub & the local branch of the kudos of being in every beer guide for 25 years. One tip - if you have time, try the Harts Head Hotel in Giggleswick (near Settle) Its not far from Ribblehead and has won several CAMRA awards for its beer.
Steve G1INK.

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Prices & info :-

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One of our local branches is dominated by pub landlords who pretty much run things to suit themselves, and a fair bit of politicking goes on, perhaps the same thing goes on elsewhere!

Not too bothered about it myself, I prefer real ale but would much rather have a good pint of keg than a rubbish pint of real ale, and they can play politics as much as they like as long as the beer remains good!


Brian G8ADD

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Hmmmm, it’s changed a bit in the last 34 years since I last drank there with the FMCC and lock-ins were the order of the day. Well, er… order of the night!

73, Gerald

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Strange to see pubs that close at 2300 during the week and 2230 on Sunday!!!

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Strange to see pubs that close at 2300 during the week and 2230 on

Obviously didnt goto Wales much in the past then.

Used to be that depending on what county you were in, the pubs were shut on a sunday.

I think its a little different now :slight_smile:


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I think its a little different now :slight_smile:

LITTLE being the operative word. There seem to be still loads of villages where all you can do is twiddle your thumbs and drive on through keeping a look out for a watering hole. Sunday closing disease is also prevalent in parts over here as well!

73, Gerald

At least in these days of relaxed licensing, the pubs can choose to serve you, if they wish, even when they are nominally ‘closed’. I got at pint one afternoon on the Pennine Way like this, even though it was 15 minutes after the pub ‘closed’ for the afternoon! A knock on the door was all that was required, although we were asked to sit on the picnic tables outside. Got to be worth a try - I doubt many small country pubs would turn away business lightly.

The Whernside circular walk I mentioned (and others that start or finish at The Station Inn) is actually described on a link from the Station Inn’s website:

I wish I had never read this thread, I have come over all thirsty and it will be 6 hours before I escape from work :o(

Steve GW7AAV

Thirsty, hungry, and dreaming of walking in one of the most beautiful parts of the Dales. I’m already negotiating with the family about who wants to go and when, and have made tentative booking enquiries with the pub.

With a 6-bunk and a 9-bunk self catering room, and an 11-bunk self-catering cottage as well as the B&B, this place could be a suitable venue for a SOTA Weekend. The bunks are only £10 each as well - cheaper than a Youth Hostel.

I understand where Steve is coming from. This is definitely a topic that has one dreaming of the outdoors whilst stuck indoors.


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I was dreaming off a nice weekend SOTAing somewhere, which had yet to be decided, but I have been just told they want me in the weekend. I am trying hard not to show it but…Boo Hoo!!!

WX allowing I will be up Moel Famau on Monday with my little bro to show him what amateur radio and SOTA is all about and then we will see what the ale is like at We Three Loggerheads.


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With a 6-bunk and a 9-bunk self catering room, and an 11-bunk
self-catering cottage as well as the B&B, this place could be a
suitable venue for a SOTA Weekend. The bunks are only £10 each as
well - cheaper than a Youth Hostel.

I don’t know what the position is now…but the triangle of land over the road from the station was common land, for many years we camped there free of charge. Back then the station was renowned for it’s lock-ins and good looking barmaids; hopefully not everything has changed :slight_smile:

I was there at the weekend (doing 3 peaks) but didn’t have time to call in.

BTW, good to hear you on Moel Famau Tom…beats Morrisons any day.

Seeya, Dick.

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As I understand the situation “Sebastapol” is still Common Land although the YDNP have recently prevented parking just off the track.

Perhaps OWG can enlighten us on this as he seems to be much more knowledgeable on these sort of thing

I prefer the Hill Inn unless it has lost some of luxury under its new owners


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Don’t forget those barmaids are no longer young - just like us Dick… so we’d better not try and relive our youth and gawp at the latest contingent if paying the Station a visit as we could get locked up!

Must call in when I up there with friend Barry this winter - just for a peek.

73, Gerald

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Hopefully I will give an up to date report next week on the food and-most importantly- real ale. Hope to hear from you next week.

With regards to another topic it looks like I had better get out and activate a few of the SB summits in the next few weeks.



Thanks for all the info. we stayed there last week and the beer was very good- Five pumps, all Copper Dragon. One beer was in poor condition but when taken back was replaced and that beer was taken off straight away - A good response in my book. the food is standard pub-grub.

Currently Copper Dragon Brewery are in the process off taking it over so there is a temporary manager in at the moment. By his own admission it is in need of some TLC as it has had little done to it for a good while.