STANDARD C528 INTERNAL Lithium Battery

Hi All

Any one know the voltage of the internal battery as mine has gone flat.
I think if not mistaken GW7AAV has the same handy.

I’m taking it to the Elvaston Rally on Sunday to sell and as I have not used it in along time it’s flat so can anyone help.

de G0VWP

If you are talking about the Lithium battery it is identical to the one used on computer circuit boards CR2032 and is 3v but has two “legs”. I couldn’t find proper one anywhere so I used a computer one and soldered wires to it. Be warned that this is not as simple as it sounds they don’t solder very easily and can explode when heated releasing toxic fumes. You may be able to get a similar one with tabs to solder to but I do not have a number.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Hi Steve,
I had forgot I had this Handy been on the shelf at the back so just thought I’d have a sort out and get rid of some bits I don’t use anymore as of down to Elvaston on Sunday.

Ok fine Steve will have a look at the rally and get one there may even get it done there with a bit of luck as I want to sell it.

In-fact I have a computer I’m dumping will take the battery out of that.

Thanks for that Steve.

Regards Terry G0VWP

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You may be able to get a similar one
with tabs to solder to but I do not have a number. sell CR2032 (and others) with tags for PCB mount in both horizontal and vertical configurations. (Never bought from them, just came across this while looking for something else).

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Is the battery mounted horizontally or vertically in the radio?

Regards Terry

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Thanks for the web site Martyn.


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Quote: “Is the battery mounted horizontally or vertically in the radio?”

I think that parallel to the circuit board covers it. Otherwise it depends if it is lying face down to work on it or holding it up as to use it ;0)

What I did was cut the cell from the legs and use the legs as posts to connect the wires. There is a point to the bottom right (rig lying face down) where the battery can just fit with a couple of wraps if insulating tape to keep it from shorting. Fitting a cell without the legs in the original position would be difficult as it is stood proud of the board. You would also need to completely remove the circuit board to de-solder the legs from underneath.

Good luck
Steve GW7AAV

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I don’t think Ill bother I will just sell it as is and say that the radio need a new internal battery in the note that I’ll put oon it as it’s OK when on works perfect.

OK Steve thanks for the info.


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It’s not that hard to do. Even easier if you can get the proper battery or one with the tabs and you will get more for it working.

Good luck Steve GW7AAV