St. Lucia peaks ?

This is my first post & apologize in advance if I am violating protocols. Was recently in St. Lucia and operated from a few peaks, including Signal Peak on Pigeon Island (where the Brits signaled their ships in the 1700’s & spied on the French in Dominique) and Gros Piton. I was not able to find a designation for these peaks or Ft. Rodney. Is there specific place to search for designation of the peaks? Planning a return in the future & would like to contact others from these peaks with beautiful views of the Caribbean sea.
Tnx de Bob J6/k4RLC

Yes indeed Bob. I’ve had an analysis of J6 (about 16 summits) for quite a while. What we lack is proper mapping (i.e. other than the usual Google, OSM, ESRI) or a local to accept the AM role. That doesn’t preclude us from going ahead, but either would certainly help. So if you have any contacts in J6 who might be able to help, let’s get together on it.

Pigeon island is way way off having sufficient prominence. But the Gros Piton you mention (and also Petit Piton) would be among the candidates. Of course Mt. Gimie would be a 10-pointer, but, as with the other summits, I have no idea with respect to access:

Please contact Guy, N7UN. He activated some peaks at St. Lucia together with team of buddipole enthusiasts.

Simon - Tnx for ur reply. Glad you are considering peaks on St. Lucia, a beautiful but rugged volcanic island. Frans J69DS lives there and says he will be happy to help.
What specific info do you need? Lat, Long, Altitude? Any more?
The Pitons are magnificent. But wish you would reconsider Signal Peak - while not very high, the surroundings are beautiful. Plus, the history is very interesting - we were operating satellites and 20 cw while you Brits had been signalling ships with torches from there not quite 300 years ago.
Tnx agn & let me know what you need.
73 Bob K4RLC J6/K4RLC

Thanks Bob. I’ll follow up by PM.

Simon - Frans said he would be glad to help with mapping. Frans is an IT professional and very techie, plus the go-to person for help with St. Lucia amateur radio licensure. His email is
My Yahoo is the “portable” account:
Trying to work out a return trip for late next year.
73 Bob K4RLC J6/K4RLC