SSO Issues (new user)


I registered for the database / sotwatch etc. When I login to any of these sites with the SSO my login appears to be accepted ok but then I am presented with a white screen. A quick look in the browsers devtools tells me it thinks that there is a CORS header missing.

I have no idea why it would apparently only be me seeing this, but I am getting on Firefox and chromium. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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Your account was created while we had a database issue, which means that the DB side wasn’t created. I’ll push it out shortly and then you should be able to log in. Give me about 10 minutes.


ah excellent, it’s working now. Thanks.

Don’t know why I was also getting that CORS error on the 500 then :thinking:

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It’s just a standard error message when FF/Chrome get a response they don’t understand - because it comes from an XHR, they default to assuming that CORS headers weren’t set. If it hadn’t been an XHR, you’d have a 404 or 500 error bubbling through.