SS-168 Law Kneis 2m Report 24/07/2007

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Thanks for that one Derek! an almost unbelievable contact. The main 2m SSB rig is not in the shack at the moment (I have run out of power supplies) and I was working on antennas in the garden with the FT-817. I quickly connected the coax from the beam to the 817 and pointed it roughly north and there you were. I think I got you first call. The battery voltage was only 9.6v at this time so was very QRP and the beam is only about 12 feet off the ground (10 ele Jaybeam).

Oh! for more like that :o)

73 Steve GW7AAV

PS Thanks for the info that the “Troll of Deephope had popped his clogs” that is the 2nd time I have heard him mentioned in two days the first one was from the XYL when planning our Scotland activations in August. She read something on the web and said it was one to avoid.

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Nice report.

after shelling out good money for the map…the damn thing had to be used

Multimap now provides full 1:50000 OS coverage with a Web 2.0 interface. Just print out the bits you want for free! Nice of them to provide that just after I paid £117 for full Anquet 6.0.

All was peaceful: since the GOML Troll of Deephope had popped his clogs in >2005

Good to know the footbridge is safe to use now.

No other GMs were available to talk to today.
Ward Law, The Wiss, Turner Cleuch Law & Cacra Hill for other 2m days

I hope to do The Wiss and Turner Cleuch Law this Sunday… do you fancy a sked for 2m? It’s lonely on 2m up here hence my normal choice of 5MHz.


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Hi Derek, thanks for yet another cracking activation report, these activation reports are a real pleasure to read through.

Thanks for the 2m-ssb QSO, we are getting to make a habit of this, hi, it’s a struggle at the moment but it won’t be long now and I will have the 2m 9 ele wide spaced quagi up and will be able to improve on my present useless 2m antenna situation.

Great stuff Derek and I look forward to catching you on the next summit.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hello again Derek,

Thanks for providing the report. Now I know just what you had to cope with and I was impressed by your determination to get there. GM/ 1-pointers are far from pushovers, in a lot of cases. Thanks for The S2S and a nice easy-going chat on a quiet band.

73, John G4YSS
(Operating SSEG Clubcall GX0OOO/P from NP2)

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Hi Derek

Sorry to sort of say I did indeed activate SS-168 on the 26th of June.

On studying the 1:25000 series and not knowing the area that well I decided to chicken out trying to gain access to the summit via a firebreak (having experienced supposed ‘firebreaks’ that had long lost that capability - forestry organisations take note - hi!) and come in from the north at NT318163 at a common access spot for SS-179 as well. I had intended to activate this summit on my return to the start, but I ran out of time. However was back on 8th July to ‘bag’ this one.

It’s my fault that I do not keep my activations up to-date but I’m afraid that that side of SOTA is down on my priorities at the moment. All I can say is that I have activated all the 4 and 2 pointers on the Scottish mainland south of Glasgow & Edinburgh and I presently working my way slowly through the 1’s. I have .mno files for all these and accompanying photos. If you think I can help please e-mail me and if I have activated it I gladly send you route details.

Ideally it would be great to have this info on the Summits database to complement the work that Jon GM4ZFZ has done if giving us such a great resource and to assist with route planning but there are only so many hours in the day.


Jack (:>)