SS-129 Report

Route details for this enjoyable 2 pointer are available at

2 Hours spent on very sunny and warm summit operating 5Mhz ssb/cw, 7Mhz ssb/cw, 10Mhz cw, 14Mhz ssb/cw and 2m SSB/FM. 20 minute break taken half way through operation to explain amateur radio and SOTA to an elderly gentleman out for a morning stroll.

Total of 34 QSOs achieved though band conditions were very poor. Surprisingly, given the poor conditions, most of the QSO’s were achieved on SSB. 2M SSB was tried again but to no avail. 2M FM managed local mafia plus one QSO into Edinburgh.

Nice surprise to be able to work GW4BVE/P GW/SW-033 on 20M SSB for the first S2S of the day and F4FQL/P F/NO-011 also on 20M SSB for the second S2S.

Thanks as always to all the chasers who managed to pull me through the noise and QSB.

73 Glyn