SS-014 & SS-022 in Gipuzkoa

Since my last activity report, which dates from March 18, 2022, I have carried out 17 new activations, mainly in the province of Guipuzkoa in the Basque Country.
Here is a report of my activation last Monday on EA2/SS-014 and EA2/SS-022.

A day in the clouds from the morning but conditions were good on 20 meter band around 7:00 GMT with great contacts in SSB with Australia @VK5PAS and @VK5MAZ, New Zealand @ZL4NVW, French Guiana @FY5KE, and 7 S2S

Here are some photos:

Many shooting positions on the climb. Posts for wild pigeon hunting, which is a migratory bird and a popular hobby in this mountainous region.
No problem; the population is not in danger with a pass in November, then the return back in February of more than 2 million birds.

I used one of these posts for fixing my mast, which helped me.

In the next two days I am going to start activation TM2IF with my French activators friends.
I hope a lot of you ( chasers) will come to join us.





Thanks Alain for SSB S2S, I was with 3W (tr)uSDX built-in mic and efhw :slightly_smiling_face:

.73 CU Ivica 9a6cw