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SQ9MDF 8 peaks in one day

Hello SOTA chasers! Check out my last sport achievement. I made 8 summits in one day!


Super achievement, very well done!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

thx sq9mdf

Awesome, well done! In the snow, no less. I think my record is 3 in one day.

Nice video! Well done. Good luck.

73, Tonniie de PA9CW

Nice video - thank you!
73 and GL

Leszek good job and thanks for QSOs
73 de Mariusz

FB Leszek
VY 73
Jarek, SP9MA

Fantastic ! :skier:


Very nice video Leszek! - I wish I had as much energy for my first (=only) summit of the day as you had on your 8th! :older_man:

Many of those summits seem to have prominence of 50 m or less.
This is from page 12 in “General Rules”.

Many early associations were set-up without the benefit of sophisticated summit research or analysis
software and so errors in the data for those summits may have been introduced by mistake. In some
cases, the qualification factors based on Prominence was mis-understood by some of those making a
submission to join SOTA and not picked up by manual analysis within SOTA MT for the same lack of
resources reason.
The SOTA Management Team requires that these errors be corrected and associations that are
currently P100 status but should have P150m status within the criteria of these General Rules, will be
updated regardless of their popularity. There will be no exceptions to this in order to achieve an ‘even
playing field’ worldwide for all and no easy scores for those wrongly attributed with P100 status when
they would not qualify if the Association were submitting a new application today. Technical progress
in summit research tools has enabled this to take place. Previous scores accrued will not be affected
by these updates.

Can anyone explain?

You are quite right Einar. We are aware of this issue with OK and work to resolve it is on-going. Perhaps only one of those summits is good to better than P150, but all remain legal for scoring until they are removed from the active list, should anybody wish to activate them.

Nice video though, and it looks hard work going uphill on skis.

Simon - Summits Team

Thanks Simon for the responce.


TF3EK Congratulations, you are the only one who has committed that there is a problem with some of the summits in the SOTA OK . SOTA is not an ideal program, but if there are errors, managers should correct it. This is the way to go. I am only a small activist among many who love this sport. I have only Yaesu VX for measurement * - this is not a good indicator.
For you, full of respect that you are reading the map. This is art.
Leszek sq9mdf

my legs were aching!

I invite you to europe

Well done, Leszek!

I made 9 of them in 2014, but it was in summer time (although the rain kind of stopped the “collection race”).

Jeżeli leniwy menadżer SOTA OK ich nie zredukuje mam koncepcje aby podjechać pod nastepny.

The MT are committed to eliminating errors, as noted in the General Rules, but can only work gradually towards this goal as it is very time consuming and if too many resources are devoted to this task then the work of bringing on line new associations will suffer.

Perhaps the work could be done in stages, start by dropping the summits that are clearly less than P150, then refine the list it as time permits. I does not take long to tell from sotamaps that most of those summits are much less than P150. Those summits are activated frequently so it is not helpful in making an “even playing field worldwide” to keep then listed.


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