Spring W7O/WV S2S Party

Saturday April 13th was the Spring 2m W7O/WV S2S Party. We got lucky with the weather which helped bring out 34 operators across 20+ summits. With so many operators out at the same time we ran the event as a Directed Net. Huge thank you to Chris W7MTB for running the net from W7O/NC-051. We had 6 operators hanging out on W7O/NC-051 and a cornucopia of radio gear assembled. Net Control was done through a Yaesu FT-1900 to a Yagi mounted about 12’ off the ground and pointed in the direction of the most operators. We were able to receive stations off the side and backend as well.

How the event works

Pre-filled logsheets are provided to all participants that signed up ahead of time. At QRV Net Control issues instructions for the net and calls each station down the list. Stations listen and make note of if they can or can’t hear other stations checking in. Net control then turns the net over to the operator at the top of the list. The operator calls every station they heard during check in and then returns the net to Net Control. This is repeated down the list and maximizes S2S QSOs for everyone in an efficient manner. As the event goes on, there are less and less stations to call because more and more of the S2S QSOs were completed in previous operators’ turns.

All in all the event took just over 1 hour 45 minutes to run through every iteration of S2S.


We are still tallying up QSO and S2S totals as participants get their logs uploaded to SOTAdata. I will update here.
For myself, I ended the day with 48 QSOs and 35 S2S. There was also action on 2m SSB, 10m SSB, and other HF fun apart from the main event.

Huge thank you to everyone that made it out and everyone else who chased operators before/after the event.


Recap video from the Party! If I figure out a way to calculate all the Summit to Summit points generated, I will!

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