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Spotting via D-STAR?

I have been reading about accessing the APRS system via D-star, which by all accounts is relatively simple. I’m still reading up on the subject myself, so I was wondering if anyone here in the community is spotting via D-star to APRS. If yes, do you have a good link to share for getting more info?
73 de M0FEU / OE6FEG

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Hello Matt
Welcome on D-Star community. We use DCS933s, which is the module SOTA.
You can listen ON6ZQ - SA4BLM - F6HBI - F5HTR - F4EGG - F5UBH and F5LKW.
Thierry, created the module S especially for SOTA community.
I tried this link but it seems not working for D-Star. But you can find a friend on the D-Star to spot you.
73 Roger


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