Spotting issue

Today I activated Blackhope Scar GM/SS-094. My first self-spot came out as G8CXK/P which was incorrect. I deleted this as soon as possible and noted that the RBN had got it right, but some people may have logged me under the wrong callsign. This only affected my 10MHz operation between 12:50z and 13:10z, so if you worked me then please check your log - it should be GM4OIG/P.

73, Gerald GM4OIG/P

Thanks Gerald for the activation, the QSO and the clarification, which is indeed welcome, as I was in real doubt.
I saw the spot on SOTAwatch for G8CXK/P, went to the frequency, called, got picked up immediately and completed the QSO. I had already logged the QSO with the spotted station callsign but luckily I lingered for a little while on the frequency and soon I heard you CQing as GM4OIG/P. Then I saw on SOTAwatch a new spot with GM4OIG/P in the same frequency and summit as G8CXK/P.
Since the morse code sent by you sounded exactly the same as the one of the station I had the QSO with, I deleted the G8CXK/P callsing and wrote the right one instead, but I was in doubt thinking that it might have been a joint activation, I had the QSO with the initially spotted station and quickly you changed operator for whatever reason.
I was planning to check your activation log at some point to clear out my doubts, so this clarification is highly welcome.
Thank you again and HPE CU AGN SN.


Hi Guru,

Apologies for the confusion. I think a few chasers suspected that there was an issue with the spot and they asked me to confirm my callsign. The spot was erroneous anyway as a G prefix would not be used from a GM summit. It always pays to check!

Many thanks for the QSO which was much appreciated.

73, Gerald GM4OIG/P

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I saw the RBN spot yesterday and was, to say the least, confused (I think it showed the spotter station as G4OBK - but that could just be my demented brain)
Tried to find you on-air but no hope from this qth

Hi Barry,

Well you were not seeing things, but your recollection is not 100%. OBK isn’t that far from OIG. I was spotting under my G4OIG log in, but somehow G8CXK/P was lodged in the system and despite me over-writing this with the correct call, it didn’t get accepted. I was also having an issue with the page not changing once I had placed a spot, so having pressed the “place spot” button a couple of times, I then had to remove the surplus entries. I guess 4G does not mean total reliability in the field.

Many thanks for looking for my signal. I did work Ken GM0AXY on 20m CW which was a bit of a surprise. Obviously you were out of range for groundwave.

73, Gerald G4OIG

No surprise there :slight_smile: - at least I remembered “O”

I seem to be out of range for most SOTA activations today - only managed HB9AFI/P at a speed way in excess of my comfort zone - despite having a pass to play radio today from SWMBO.

Presumably playing radio was from the shack. It was actually my XYL’s suggestion I that I got out up a hill and I couldn’t possibly refuse such an offer, now could I?

With surgery pending, I am likely to be shack-bound for a while. The delay means that I will most likely be aiming for the Ben for Spring 2019 rather than this autumn. Obviously I will need to get up a few trial hills before that, so maybe somewhere within groundwave / VHF range. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG