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Spotted on EBay

Spotted on Ebay, wouldn’t like to carry it up a hill though.

Late 70s early 80s vintage. I borrowed one from a (now sk) friend when I was first licenced to work my first French QSO from Merseyside on 2m in 1990. He’d just acquired a bigger amp and this was his backup. They may have been made by a former Microwave Modules employee.

I like the fact it says SOTA on the rack mountable unit. As you say - I’d also like to see someone carry that up a summit - along with the mains generator to power it!

I guess the company who made the amp was called SOTA - “State of the Art”?

I have the much, much smaller 12v 25w 2 metre amp from Microwave Modules, but I have to admit as I don’t activate on 2m, it’s sat in the workshop gathering dust. I tried to sell it on eBay about a year ago - no takers, so it’ll sit there until I need it again.

73 Ed.

I’ve got one of these, mains powered, 100W. I use it for UKAC on Tuesday nights driven by my TS-790, although I haven’t been very active in that this year. The pre-amp on mine works but is rather noisy.

Mine doesn’t have the fan or the DC input terminals.

Colin G8TMV