Where could i find up more info how does it work, please ?

Vrata OK1KT

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You need to contact Andy, MM0FMF he’s the GM association manager so his contact details are in their ARM.

In the meantime go to

for details of how it works



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If you meant the SpotSMS in HA:

Marek OK9HAG

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There are several SMS spotting systems. Please pick the one you feel most comfortable using or whichever is cheapest for you.

I have 2 running, 1 in the UK and 1 in North America (mainly for K/N/W/A/VE stations) and Zsolt HG4UK has 1 running in Hungary.


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The hungarian system works well for me.
Ruda OK2QA

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Peter,thank you for the help.

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Díky, Marku, zkusím to.

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Díky, Rudo !

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If anybody can give some info about spotting by SMS in Germany, your infos are very wellcome! I am not an owner of an internet-phone…

TNX de Tom, DJ5RE

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Hi Tom,

there are only 2 sms-sotawatch gateways at the moment (if I’m not mistaken): Andy’s and ours.

You can reach both of them from Germany.


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I think all the info you need is found from the links in this thread.