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It would be nice Mick. At weekends I often “switch off” SOTAwatch due to the high number of “nuisance” VHF spots!! If only I could just get the CW alerts :wink:

Seriously, this request is a regular one, and it is on the list of “things to do”. Unfortunately that list is bigger than the other list of “time available”, so I guess we’ll have to keep waiting.

73 de Les, G3VQO

Of course, Webmon is a general utility provided externally. Maybe someone has a trick so that it can recognise “cw” and choose not to alert in these cases, but I certainly can’t think how to do it.

On the other hand, why not learn CW and get all the extra points? It’s great fun, there are loads of people within SOTA that will help and teach you. It’s taken me just a few months to get from nothing to where I can do a slow speed CW activation.

You would be very welcome to join in with our QRS practice skeds in the evenings on 80m. In the meantime, the following is a superb piece of freeware that you can download to start learning the alphabet and characters, and start practising the listening. The sending is easy, especially if you start with a straight key before progressing onto a paddle.


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Hi Tom
On what 80M Freq do you do your CW practice on and on what evenings?
Sounds good to me Tom I have often thought of starting CW again its a long time since i did it 1995 I think.

Terry G0VWP

Fair enough Mick. It does seem I’m in a bit of a minority in equally enjoying both phone and CW! I can’t decide myself whether spots filtering would be a good or a bad thing. Certainly the “chatbox” idea you proposed a while back could be very useful in streamlining the sports, but then again it would need discussion to decide the criteria for what is ‘worth’ respotting - new mode, QRG etc? Aside from that, what a journey it has been, to be now discussing these sorts of sophisticated systems.

I remember the old days when the “Spots system” was basically G4JZF giving G0NES two rings on his telephone and vice versa!

Hi Terry,

Usual start time is between 2130 and 2145 (local), and goes through for around 30-40 minutes. QRG is always in the 3.550 to 3.559 MHz range, and can be any evening of the week, with Sunday to Thursdays most likely. An email to myself, or Mike GW0DSP or Richard G3CWI could confirm or set-up a schedule, or just listen out.

Regards, Tom

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Thanks for that Tom will send email to confirm were you will be.


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I think it would be a mistake to filter for your chosen mode.

This morning GS0OOO/P was spotted on CW; I found him and listened until he QSYd for SSB and was able to work him on that mode. Often activations start on CW and progress to phone and it is nice to keep track even if you are not up to speed on CW (I can now copy 12 wpm for a few minutes then suffer from brain fade!)


Brian G8ADD

PS I think I might join Tom’s CW practise when possible, is it two way?

The more the merrier as far as I am concerned Brian. The listening is the skill to develop; a bigger group just means more listening - so that’s fine!

Just noticed that I forgot to include the link to in a post above, if anyone wants it.

Justlearnmorsecode is a great programme to learn this mode.

I have learned my CW with it and found it easy to use, with a clear view on your progress and you can adapt it to your needs ( speed, more or less characters …)

And I must admit I am not really an CW buff. But the more you use it the more you benefit from it especially if you are QRP


…and dont forget G4FON’s Koch trainer… another excellent tool to learn slowly but with characters at the “proper speed”… you will find that it gets more important as you progress.

I’m still trying to move from writing everything down to “head copying”… I have hit a brick wall at 15-18wpm copied in my head… but then I havent used CW much in the last 18 years hi.

Heres the G4FON link:

73 Marc G0AZS

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Hi Marc
The Koch trainer is good also the Morse Runner "" I have been playing with them both.

Terry G0VWP

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Shall i delete my original post and change the title to “cw is fun ?” hi

Not unless you really think so! The nice thing about SOTA is that there are enough activators and chasers doing all different modes and operations that nobody should feeled pressurised into doing something they don’t want to do.

If you only want to do voice operations then I wont think any different of you than to someone who is 100% CW only. We do our hobbies because we enjoy them and soon as it becomes a chore or a requirement to meet someone else’s expectations then most people switch off. I know I do.

Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do seems a good maxim to me.


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Hi Mick ,Satire is fun ,CW is FABULOUS,Geoff.

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To get the thread back on track…

This along with a number of other suggestions ‘in the queue’ is a good idea that is completely doable and long ago requested.

I must apologise for not getting much time on SW2 the last few weeks. There will no doubt come a time before too long when time opportunity (and perhaps some renewed enthusiasm) will both kick in and we’ll see another burst of development.

Meanwhile be assured that I’ll try and promptly address any urgent issues that arise. Thankfully the system seems to be doing a reasonably solid and workmanlike job!

73, Jon
(from a London hotel room on yet another work trip!)

Well said Mick, hear hear. There’s no doubt in my mind that the web-based resources provided by Jon and Gary have contributed massively to the success of SOTA. Thanks guys.

I second Micks comments. I joined SOTA just when SOTA watch2 was launched and has been a massive source of information to me.

For the newcomer the SOTA programme is rather big and complicated but all the information found on SOTAwatch2 helps you getting the hang of it. ( with the risc of getting addicted hi hi)

Thank you !!


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Both SW2 and the database are well worth exploring. They have all sorts of interesting facilities which, judging by posts here, people don’t always discover! Click on a few links and you will find an amazing wealth of information - all designed to enhance your SOTA experience.

I too would be having a SOTA experience if it ever stopped raining :frowning: