Spoted with a "space" in call

Hello Andy,
Looking at the “who chased me” for this activation:
I noticed most of chasers logged F4JAI /P (with a space) due to a wrong spot.
Any solution to avoid this kind of typo in spots?
Gerald F6HBI

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  1. Teach people to type.
  2. Teach people to check what they have just typed.


I run a space removal script every few months that finds calls with spaces and removes the spaces.


I would like to know since when has a space been a valid character in a callsign? Notwithstanding what is spotted, if people are logging a space then they need to apply some common sense.

Hello Gerald, people can log just cliking on the + (see picture) and that logs in the dabase the call which is written with a space if any!
73 from Gerald F6HBI

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They’re probably hitting the “log this chase” button on SOTAwatch which takes the call from SOTAwatch. i.e. it’s already mal-formed and the “log this” button does what you say, it log what has been entered.

There are some “helpful” pieces of software running on phones/tablerts that automagically insert spaces when you type punctuation characters. InReach users will be well aware that when you type “.” it always inserts a space. So you type “14.285” for your spot frequency and if you don’t check, the InReach enters “14. 285” in the spot text which is immediately rejected by the SMS spotter.


Could there be a bit of code in SOTAwatch that refuses to accept a space when entering?

Ah, I had not realised this as I never log real time… I’m still an old pen and paper type of guy!. :joy:

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