Spot error activity EA5HOP

Yesterday I put a spot for EA5HOP on EA5/AT-010. The correct summit was EA7/AT-016.

73 José

Hi José @EA7GV
EA7/AT-016 is not a valid summit !!? but EA5/AT-016 is OK :wink:
73 & HNY Éric

Hi Eric,
Sorry, the years do not forgive, EA5/AT-016 is correct.
73 & HNY José

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after verification of EA5HOP/P activation, I am sorry to report that he was activating a VG (Geodetic Vertex award) in the summit of Mt. Cid (1104 m).

There is a SOTA summit near this one, towards North on the same range, called Silla del Cid (1147 m), which is SOTA ref EA5/AT-016, but he wasn’t there.

Perhaps the similar name confused the activator and chasers who wrongly spotted him as being in a SOTA.
EA5HOP has been informed and should delete his log from Sotadata.

Please, if you chased EA5HOP on 3 Jan 2022, make sure you delete him from your log as well.

73 de Ignacio

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Thanks, Ignacio, for making us aware of the mistake.
I have just deleted my chaser QSO from the SOTAdatabase:

However, I’ll keep this non-SOTA QSO in my main logging programbecause it was a valid non-SOTA QSO.



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I must come and do that someday, El Cid (1961, starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren) was one of my favourite movies :wink:

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True Ignacio, all that remains is for ea5hop to delete the log from the database.

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