Spot & alert filtering features in SOTAWatch 3 (Beta)

The new version of SOTAWatch
( at )
allows you to filter the displayed spots by mode, as you can see here:

It also allows you to decide how many entries you want to display (default is 50, I prefer 20):

And you either have the default compact format or the fully detailed version (with the comment text) by clicking on “toggle expanded spots”:

Looking at the Alerts page it has its own (different) set of filters allowing All bands, VHF only or HF onlY:

Filtering by mode:

And a programmable filter for e.g. associations:

73 Ed DD5LP.


Many thanks for the info, which was helpful.



How can alerts be filtered for both VK and ZL associations?
I can obtain one or the other. If a separator is included it is treated as part of the filter and so no results are returned. Maybe this is ‘future functionality’.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

It’s a simple “starts with” filter. I suppose it could be switched easily enough to a regex

And because it was, I did.

You can now use regular expressions, which will search the entire summit string for matches. See normal search for ‘W4’:


Now, we search for summits in W4A and W4P using per-character matching:

Or maybe all alerts for ZS and ZL associations using the | operator to match two (or more) strings:

Or even really silly ones (any summit with a W and 51 in it):

Obligatory xkcd comics #1

…and #2


Thanks Andrew. The regex is a wonderful addition and solves the issue.
Was going to suggest a distance-based method such as d<4000 to capture alerts within 4000km.
Quite happy to utilise VK[1-9]|ZL[1-9] to filter out the local alerts.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

VK|ZL is probably sufficient (no regions are VK or ZL that I’m aware of), although you could get superprecise with VK[1-9]|ZL[13789]

First of all, congratulations on the SW3 migration !

For various reasons * I find that the “add SOTA spot” window once opened is not practical because it is fixed and hides information that is behind it.
Could you make it floating ?

  • half of the spots are not visible which can interfere to see if we are not going to send an already existing spot, at least as far as frequency is concerned.
  • The “Reflector latest” section is also truncated.

This is not a negative review but a wishful thinking :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the work done for our greatest happiness

73 Éric

Thanks Andrew. I like the new filter features, I just been using ZL|VK|JA seems sufficient… I like the upgrade to SOTAWatch3. If there was anything on my wish list it would be that something visual happens when you hit the “Add Spot” button at the bottom of the add spot window. Especially when out on a summit using a touch screen on a phone sometimes there can be quite a delay and you don’t know if your Add Spot request is been action-ed or not. Cheers John.

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VK|ZL is probably sufficient

Not quite as there is currently an OK/ZL region. I also wanted to future proof it against new regions that include VK and ZL. Only last Sunday OK/ZL-055 was activated so the alert would have matched a simpler filter. Hence the need for the eventual VK[1-9]|ZL[1-9] filter.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

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Hi again
My question maybe wasn’t in right thread or I don’t used a right alert !
I’ll try this @MM0FMF @VK3ARR Sorry if isn’t the right way ! Respect for all the job was make for the results what everybody can see today !
Need only a response :slight_smile:

Again 73 to all Éric

Can’t make it floating, but can look potentially at smaller sizing on certain screens.

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Hi Andrew @VK3ARR
Many thanks
73 Éric