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I was thinking about buying a sports/action video camera, the type that record video to an SD card, for use on SOTA expeditions. Especially where you can stop-motion record the ascent so a 2 hour walk fits into 5mins of video. The obvious choice is one of the GoPro Hero models but we have a slight problem in that I don’t want to open my wallet that much!

eBay and other online tat-bazaars have a vast range of cheap GoPro type cameras, from China. Some of which will fall apart when used for the 1st time to some which will be great value for money.

The question does anyone have experience of any of the cheaper models?


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The Veho MUVI gets reasonable reviews as do the cheapo Aldi/Lidl/7Dayshop, Go Pro lookalikes.
We discussed this recently over on another forum where I lurk :slight_smile:
Might be of interest.

I personally use my Motorola phone. It does 3 time lapse settings, 1 frame either every 1 sec, 5 secs or 10 secs.

A sample of some timelapse using it below:


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Check out the Garmin VIRB. Based on it’s specs and feature set, it looks to be superior to anything else in its price range:


Eric KU6J

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Check out the Garmin VIRB. Based on it’s specs and feature set, it
looks to be superior to anything else in its price range:

Eric, looks like a nice bit of kit, however it’s almost in the Go Pro ball park and I think Andy was looking at the cheap end of the market.

I should have mentioned earlier that I subscribe to the Techmoan blog

where he regularly reviews cameras sub £100.

The nice thing is, that apart from his youtube clips, you can also download sample videos to see what they look like in their native format.

For time lapse I think the DXG is the one to go for. This is the same camera (rebranded) that Lidl/Aldi have been shifting for under £70.

Full list of (mucho cheapo)action cam reviews here:


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Maybe I should use a camera to record what it’s like here in the shack when I realised that I had updated an extra 85000 summit points values on top of the 910 I was trying to fix!


GoPro Hero3 White is on offer for about £185 in many places. The Garmin videos wouldn’t play yesterday so I still have that to check out. I’ll look at the DXG when I have a tentative fix for the missing bonus values.


I’ve been using the $85 in-car camera from

Audio and video recording - basically VGA quality but quite OK for Day and Night basic recording of your journeys. Quality is such that Number plate characters not quite clear until very close.

I Love mine! Starts and stops with Car on/off. Takes up to 32Gb sd cards with continuous recording in 5, 10 or 15 Min blocks. (card full then earliest recording deleted to make room). Can take still 5Mpixel shots - has Infrared LED’s for night recording including Motion Detect (good for when parked) and as I said records audio as well (good for verifying chats with parking bozos and various other annoying people.)

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Oh dear. Cue selfie videos.

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Cue selfie videos.

I’d need a wide angle lens though!


(now back from UHF contesting in the wind and rain and mud and mist and more rain with a huge amount of gear to clean and dry.)

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Hi Andy,
I use a GOPRO on full HD and it works well for me good videos but depends how much you want to spend, I have yet to edit all (60+ tops)that I have taken but will get round to it some day, what I have done is taken 360 degrees shots of all the summits I’ve been on.


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I’ll still say that the Mobius at £40-ish is a great little camera.

My latest from GI/AH-004


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I saw your film - what great results Pete and at only £40. It shows what can be done at the price if the technique is right - amazing!

73 Phil

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Agreed, fantastic video quality Pete - well done!

73, Barry N1EU