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Sporadic E on Black Hill (G/SP-002) 11/06/21

I activated Black Hill successfully this evening during the UKAC contest. Walking in from the North, I had the “shack” set up by about 19:10z

The wind was fairly strong on the summit and I was lucky to be missed by a few heavy-looking showers.

The trip provided my first experience of the “magic” of the 6m band: the sporadic E was wild! Here’s a map of my QSOs.

It was a unique experience to score >10k in a UKAC using 5W SSB into a non-resonant antenna while working no stations in my own grid square!

I saw a spot for DP9X however I couldn’t copy them. I also couldn’t copy Tom M1EYP on CW, so no S2S contacts unfortunately.

I packed up at 20:50z and remembered to take a Fjelfie on the way back down. I was also treated to a sighting of a Golden Plover.

I made it back to the car just as dusk faded. Definitely worth the trip. My thanks to Tom M1EYP for encouraging me up onto the hills this evening :slight_smile:


Quite a night on 6m!


Wow - well done! A friend from my local club managed to work 5B4AAb in Cyprus for 3341km! Apparently stations in the Caribbean were heard on FT8 too.

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DP9X was me. No great condx from DM/NS-135 (JO42) to IO83/93. Seems, we were just to close to each other.
I heard some G and GW stations from 1930’ish to some minutes after 2000z, two of them were worked.

I used the IC-705 feeding an h-polarised Delta Loop at 18m agl. All contacts SSB.



Stations in Caribbean were worked on CW right at the start.

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