Sponsered Walk up Black Combe (LD-030)

Next Saturday 19th May, Jordan (M3TMX), will be walking up Black Combe in order to raise funds for Dalton Town Band’s (of which he is a member) trip to Belgium. As this is also a SOTA hill, he will be taking his small handy(which only operates on FM) with him, so that he can qualify the summit. Any SOTA activaters/chasers who would like to sponsor him, let us know and you will be added to his list.

Amanda & Ian

Great stuff. I do hope there will be plenty of photographs and written copy forwarded to the radio mags, as this is a great story. Let me know if I can assist with press releases etc (I already have a distribution list set up).

I have emailed directly via Ian’s on QRZ.com re sponsorship. Good luck.

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Many thanks for the sponsorship Tom, Jordan’s over the moon. Will forward pictures and a write up to you.


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Hi Amanda, I have just emailed via Ian’s email address in QRZ.com
He can use my email address, also on QRZ.com, to let me know which is best.

vy 73


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If Jordan can work me on 2m FM I will match what ever funding he gets. However to be more realistic is the address on qrz.com good for donations?

Glyn…GM4CFS (Stirling)

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That’s where Tom (M1EYP) and Mike (GWODSP) have offered their donations, It’s more personal that way… If the weather conditions are ok, he’ll point in your direction.


Just as matter of intrest, will the band be performing in Belgium and where or is it just a pleasure trip?


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I’m not sure of the complete itinery but they will be performing each day, for 1 week, for at least 2 hours, at different places one of which will be the “last post” at the war graves. I will try to give a full report after the event. It would only be fair after the support everyone is giving him!!


Being present at “the last post” in Ypres is already a moving experience but having to perform will be something he will never forget, believe me.

Any website/dates available? Maybe I could check if they’re not far away from me.


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I haven’t got a list at present, but will hopefully have one nearer the departure date. Are you listed at QRZ.com if not do you have an e-mail address.

For any one interested Jordan has just left home QTH for Black Combe, with two other members from the band. It’s approx 30-45 mins drive (10mins as the crow flys) from here (Dalton, S Cumbria) traffic permitting - we can see it from back window but you have to go around the bay to get there. so hopefullly will be on air at alerted time.

Amanda … 2E0MND

I’m ok on QRZ.COM Amanda, Tnx.

Must be some amazing scenery from your backdoor then !!


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On a good, clear day we can see the Isle of Man, and on occasions - Wales, from one of the local hills. We are 14 miles from Lake Windermere in one direction and approx 8 mile from the beach, from which you can see Blackpool Tower when there’s no mist. As famous comedian said once " it’s the largest cul-de sac in the world" - 30 miles away from the nearest motorway. I know it sounds remote but when you consider the views we’ve got, I think one cancels out the other. Plus it’s easy access to some of the highest peaks in England.

2E0MND … Amanda

Well done Jordan on a successful sponsored walk and your activation of Black Combe G/LD-030, thanks for the contact and the points.
Good luck to Dalton Town Band with their fund raising efforts and for the upcoming trip to Belgium.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:
Thanks to everyone who sponsered me and those who chased me. I will give a full report after I have thawed out!

M3TMX Jordan

Even though the weather had forcasted rain, members of Dalton Town Band, me included and friends still decided to make our way to the top of Black Combe. This is how it went down…

I arrived at Whicham Church at 10:00BST waited for the others to arrive. As everyone started to turn up, we realized that one of the mambers had not arrived. One of the older boys had headed to Whitfell Church in stead of going to Whicham Church. Luckily, the leader and conductor of Dalton Town Band had his mobile phone with him and soon pointed him in the right direction. But for some strange reason, the 14 year-old had gone straight past us and ended up elsewhere. By this time, it was 11:00, so the conductor said that he would stay and wait for him while the rest of us started up Black Combe. So the rest of the pack set off up Black Combe, with me racing ahead. Nothing much happened untill we got to the top, except the fog decided to cover the top of Black Combe, making us lose sight with each other.

Soon after, one by one, we reached the summit and sat down in the shelter, me being one of the first to reach there. While the others ate their lunch, I got out my handie, and worked whoever I could, and then ate my own lunch. We finished off with a group photo at the summit and me with the Harrop’s mascot, named by my sister, Peter Polar Bear. I went and found the SOTAcache, and started writing in the log when the heavens decided to throw it down, literally! I only managed writing ‘DALTON BAND’ when I decided we should be getting down ASAP. I started putting the log into it’s own bag when that decided to blow away(my apologies, Charlie). I couldn’t catch it so I put that into the box, put that into the big bag, and hid that away. We got half way down when the sun THEN decided to shine! A bit of a shame that it happened then, but at least we could dry off. We reached the bottom at 14:10 and set off home.

Many thanks to the people who worked me and my apologies to those who couldn’t. If anyone still wants to sponser me, it is not to late!


M3TMX Jordan