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SPC display on main SOTAwatch page?

Does anyone else think it would be good to see the SPC an activator is operating from listed on the main SOTAwatch page when doing a hover over the activator entry? Maybe after the name of the summit.





You already know that info from the Association Code and from the callsign.


Not really. Callsigns have no bearing on State in the US. And I’m sure not everyone has the associations and regions memorized.

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Click the link, summit info page opens. SPC info is there.

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Right, but IMHO it would be much easier for chasers if the info appeared in the hover without having to open two different pages. But that’s just me.

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There’s only 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii so learning which states are in which call areas doesn’t seem a massive task. From that it’s going to be obvious W7A isn’t Alabama or Arkansas as they’re not 7-area states.

OT, visitors to the UK often complain they can’t pronounce places names due to the strange way we spell things and then pronounce them (Leicestershire, Cholmondley etc.) So if Arkansas is pronounced ARK-AN-SAW why is Kansas not pronounced KAN-SAW ?


That’s an interesting point in our English language. I still hear people pronounce the English language differently but It’s very diverse with geological location accents and different ethnics accents. I’ve always had a hard time with the English language and also spelling of some words.

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