SP/SZ-001 Activation Yesterday

Just a note of apology in regards to my late arrival on SP/SZ-001, no I did not oversleep :{)… I did post I would be there about 08:00 but was not there till 09:30 not normal for me as do like to keep to my planed schedule.


I had no idea there would be this amount of snow on rout to this summit, I had activated a few summits over 1000 meters a few weeks ago north of OK along the border with DM and all the snow had but disappeared, but this place was different, a 1 hours hike turned into 2 and half hours and the snow was horrible with every step sinking in a about 2-3 inches the going was slow.

Once on the summit I went on 7.178 and did self spot but no one came back (seems it did not appear on the spot) so after 5 minutes moved down to 7.118, where I know a lot of chasers listen (but quiet often there is a lot of QRM) and one of the chasers put a spot up for me (Thanks Holger), then moved up to 14.285 and seems my spot worked this time total contacts for the activation 45.

The return was equally slow, with only one mishap, took a step only to find my foot when straight down into the snow over 2 foot deep and there was small stream under it, good job I had my wooden hiking stick with me I had managed to spot and avoid 2 similar traps on the way up but this one caught me :{0

Anyway got back to the car without any injuries but with a wet right foot,(spares shocks and shoes always kept in the car) but quite spent, so did not bother to activate the other summit I was going to do.

On a good note the WX was brilliant sunshine and as a result of the snow have got a great tan 8{)

Darius OK7OK

In reply to OK7OK:

seems it did not appear on the spot

The log says:

Tue Apr 24 10:25:16 2012: SPOTLITE: 200
The association you gave was not valid.
SPOTlite submission failed
Tue Apr 24 10:25:16 2012: Spotlite does not like the message!

my foot when straight down into the snow over 2 foot deep and there was small
stream under it

Not fun when that happens. I did it with both legs on Cross Fell G/NP-001many years back… a soggy return to the car :frowning:


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Thanks Andy, just checked my mobile, yep, was me, a typo in the summit reference number.

I did it with both legs

getting out of those can be quiet tricky :0