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SP-SOTA Day(s) & Award (13-15 October 2017)

It is a great pleasure for me to share that on days 13-15 October SOTA-SP will have their annual (5th) meeting. On top of the regular activities, it has been decided to establish a SP-SOTA Day Award for those who will chase stations operating from Poland during that week either as pure chasers or as S2S contacts.

I hope it would be really great fun to all to join the game on top of your regular chasing… :slight_smile:

Attaching a screenshot and I will add a link to the PDF file on the rules of the award.

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The rules of the Award - corrected

Welcome tomorrow to chase me on SP/BZ-072 - the alert is on.
It will be CW and SSB as well to grant for you all as many points as possible.