SP/NP Activations


Friday 11th Shining Tor G/SP-004:
We left Bury St Edmunds at 6:30 and drove to Buxton.
We went to the Cat & Fiddle and parked at the end of the track just
past the pub. We followed the easy track to the summit and sheltered behind the wall
and put the beam up with the pole attached to the signpost. I made 9 contacts including a Summit-to-Summit with Chris M3XLG/P on
Ingleborough G/NP-005. It was windy on the summit with poor visibility but it didn’t start snowing until we were nearly back at the Cat & Fiddle where we met
Steve G1INK.

Saturday 12th Buckden Pike G/NP-009:
We ascended from Buckden in Wharfedale. The path is wide and easy to start with but gets boggy higher up, not difficult to follow though. Near the top there are stone steps. At the top there was some snow and the puddles were frozen solid - good for sliding around on. Despite there being a lot of cloud we could see down to Wensleydale. One walker said he’d been going up there for 6 years and never seen a view before! With the beam set up on the sheltered side of the wall, I made 12 contacts including summit-to-summits with Mark M3ZPY/P on Lovely Seat G/NP-030 and Barry 2W0PXW on Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034.

Sunday 13th Pendle Hill G/SP-005:
We went up the track that goes off Barley Lane North of Barley village. There is a circular walk that goes to the summit. There were a lot of people on the hill even though the weather was horrible. We set the beam up a little way from the summit in a very slightly sheltered spot and made 18 contacts.

Monday 14th Boulsworth Hill-Lad Law G/SP-008:
We drove up to SD914338 the beginning of the 4WD track. There was just room to park one car on the side of the road. The path was easy to follow but boggy in places. We could see the summit as we climbed. It was wet and windy on top and visibility was very bad. Fortunately
there were rocks for shelter. I didn’t use the beam because one of the wires at the feed point broke, so sorry to any one who couldn’t hear me. I made 8 contacts but some were difficult. We descended with horizontal rain in our faces, but just as we got back to the car the sun came out and we could see the summit which had been covered in cloud.
Very Wet!

There are some photos on Flickr here:

All activations with a VX-170 and the beam until it broke.

73 and thanks to the chasers who worked and spotted me.

Timothy 2E0KEA

In reply to 2E0KEA:
Thanks for the report Timothy although looking at the photographs, if looks as if it was pretty grim up there! Not surprisingly, nothing heard in IO91pt! :slight_smile:

73 Marc GØAZS

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy

Thanks for your activation report and our contacts.
I’m sorry I missed you s2s when I was on NW-034, but I was activating on 40m-cw and had headphones on at the time when Barry shouted over to my operating position that you were on.

It sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend.
I hope to catch you from many more summits soon.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to 2E0KEA:
Hi Timothy,

After working you in December, I was interested to read your report. You crammed quite a few good ones into a long weekend and experienced some full-on wet WX and soft surfaces too.

Noted is your route to Boulsworth which I might try next time, instead of from the NW. Thanks for the grid ref.

I have heard lots about Shining Torr and even more about the Cat & Fiddle but have yet to have the pleasure of either.

Good job you had the VX170; it would ‘turn-a-drop’ of water which was needed in the conditions. I have one and a VX150 too. Good rigs and fairly simple.

CU S2S one day,

73, John G4YSS.


I can recommend this approach up Boulsworth Hill. A much more enjoyable walk that the dreary bridleway from the reservoir.

Can’t believe you’ve not done Shining Tor G/SP-004! Have you done Gun and Cloud in this area? Let me know if you fancy a joint day out in these parts.


Good stuff Timothy.

Please come visit the hospitable North again! We do occasionally have some nice weather up here, honest!